January 11th

Well this can't end well.
What the hell how did I do that???
Saaaaaaaaaadieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee #ghosts #creepy #haunted
Why are you not in bed asleep, baby?

stompin’ // buncha banners in progress // Monica Geller moment: “What if the baby gets in the ribbon drawer, and messes up all the ribbon? What if there’s no room for a ribbon drawer because the baby’s stuff takes up all the space? Where will all the ribbons go?” (ty to the person who made this connection on instagram) // this bear from bijoukitty is so cute // baby eats: nutella sandwich & strawberries (this was a disaster, she ate the strawberries and then screamed and cried until I took the nutella away and replaced it with vegetables) // heart in the palm of my hand // rude little stickers // sleepy friends // crazy legs // she can hold her bottle herself now (but often chooses not to) // a visit from Sadie (my haunted doll) // downward facing dino // wide awake and ready to party

Last week I got very sick and tired of Gwen constantly pulling things off the shelves on my side of the office, so I had the brilliant idea to swap out my open shelves with the bookcases in the hallway that have doors on them. DOORS. Doors that now have childlocks that are also basically adult locks because they are almost impossible to open unless you know the trick & have skinny fingers. I’m slowly moving my crafty things inside them, but not everything is going to fit and idk where I’m going to put it all.

I should probably go through everything and get rid of stuff I don’t use or need BUT I did that last year and since then there have been MULTIPLE occasions where I’ve been like “ooh I have a great idea for a craft project lemme just get out all the supplies I need… OH WAIT I THREW THEM AWAY.” Not cool. What I really need is more efficient storage solutions! And also to maybe clean out my desk and utilize the drawers to their fullest potential. Because that is a thing that will TOTALLY happen. Totally. For sure.


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about this blog and the direction I want to take it in. Sometimes I get caught up in thinking that I HAVE to blog a certain way if I want to become successful at this. Post on a schedule! Make my images pinnable! Care about stats and bounce rate! But like…. I don’t care about those things, and I think getting hung up on them is stupid. And I don’t like or use pinterest, so why should I give a shit if my images are pinnable? Sometimes I need to remind myself that I blog for FUN, because I like it, not because I want to turn it into something else, something to make money from (I’ve already don’t that with enough hobbies).

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