January 14th

I moved the little kitchen and she is way excited about it.
My desk is the cleanest it's been in literally months
Baby is doing baby stuffs
IT HAS BEGUN #minieggs #easter
O were you lying here?

a typical mess // are bibs not cool or something? I see all these pics of bibless babies/toddlers eating really messy food while wearing fancy/expensive/handcrafted clothes and I’m like… THEY ARE GONNA STAIN THE HELL OUT OF THAT SMOCKED DRESS // little scavenger // baby eats: li’l chicken & waffles // kissy face // start your morning right with a breakfast of Synthroid & Tapazole // my desk is so nice and clean now // but my bulletin board is a stupid mess // hi little one // the first Mini Eggs of spring // this creep // seriously, it is spring now // grabby hands // this dog is very undignified & also a bedhog

Gwen is such a baby on the move these days- although at 14 months old I guess she’s technically a toddler now. AND TODDLE SHE DOES. She hardly ever crawls anymore, usually just if she’s on a soft surface (like a mattress) that is too difficult to balance on. She walks everywhere, and even runs. Her favourite is when she sees me coming with a diaper to change her, she just takes off running in the opposite direction so I have to chase her down while she shrieks with laughter. If she’s carrying any toys she’ll throw them aside as she runs, I guess to reduce her weight & drag so she can reach higher speeds.

She still falls, often because she tries to walk right through a field of toys and steps and stumbles on them instead of going around. Usually she’ll just pick herself up, dust herself off and keep going, but if she’s tired or hungry or teething or is just feeling emotionally fragile that day then she’ll sit where she fell and cry, or pick herself up, dust herself off and follow me around yelling until she gets a cuddle (it doesn’t take long).


Some thoughts on goals & goal-setting… Obviously it’s that time of year when everyone is busting out their resolutions or goals or theme for the year. I posted mine and I think they are really doable, and also clearly stated. But I see so many people posting these weird, esoteric, intangible goals and I just have to say WHAT. Things like “in 2014 I’m going to SIMPLIFY.” Simplify what, and how are you going to simplify it? Exactly what aspect of your life requires simplification?

Some other goals (???) I’ve seen that I just Don’t Get: “focussing,” “being more present,” and “being more aware.” BEING MORE AWARE OF WHAT??????? Like it’s one thing to set yourself completely unrealistic goals that you’ll inevitably fail at (which is why one of my goals is “don’t eat potato chips during the week” and not “stop eating junk food, start working out and lose 30 pounds” because lbr, that is not going to happen) but it’s quite another to set yourself a goal that DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING. You can’t (well you can but what is the point) just say that you are going to ~simplify~ and leave it at that.

PS As a side note my potato chip eating rule has nothing whatsoever to do with my apple pie a la mode eating rule and I will eat pie as much as I like even on a Wednesday like you can’t just compare apples and potatoes Taylor.

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