January 17th


she has a special hat // squirrel friend, I got the cool effect on this picture by taking it through the plastic window insulation, what an excellent photography tip // what I work on when I should be working on other things // for the birds // Sally Hansen Midnight Glitz over Hard Candy The End, these were supposed to be my NYE nails but I was too lazy to do them then // a quiet room // I will never get over these curls, I’m hoping that when my hair grows out natural and undamaged I’ll have them too // baby eats: vanilla ice cream with pink sprinkles, I used a melon baller to make the tiny scoops // stacked toys // a nice moment ruined by my dog and her constant flailing // don’t you just want to hug her? // playing fetch // head in the clouds

When I have like 15-20 custom etsy orders to make my favourite thing to do is be a total bonehead and like… not do them. It’s so dumb! I mean I’m not late on any of them or anything but it would still be smarter to make them rather than doing stuff like idk, busting out my sewing machine that I barely know how to use (I realized I bought it last January and I’ve used it twice, WOW) and hacking* away at some fleece with it to try and make a cloud-shaped pillow. It was sort of a disaster but when Sym came home from school and saw what I’d made she asked if she could have it, and when I said yes she was so happy. So it was all worth it in the end.

*I know “hacking” isn’t usually a term associated with sewing but I feel it accurately describes my technique & skill level, and I mean hacking like with a dull knife, not like HACKING hacking.

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