January 31st


blue sky // when she carries her toy in her mouth like this Taylor & I are always reminded of The Cremaster Cycle, which is weird & disturbing // so grown up // playing doggie games with Georgie // tippy-toes // little snacks // flying // I finally finished rehanging the globe lights in my dining room, reserving judgement until I can see how they look lit up at night // my old bear Floppy + a ghost kitty + a Nara Yoshitomo postcard // yellow & green // sniffin’ around // singing to me the song of her people

Well now that the dust (and scabs, ugh) have settled from my pranking adventure I am OVER IT. Like yesterday morning if you asked me if given the chance, would I do that prank again I would have said yes, but today? HELL NO. Everything hurrrrrrrrrrts you guys, and it sucks. My hands are so stiff and sore that I couldn’t even peel a mandarin orange for Gwen’s breakfast this morning, and you know how easy those are to peel! I have also developed this weird pain in the side of my abdomen which I’m not sure is from crashing down on that side or if I just coughed so hard I pulled a muscle, which is totally plausible because I’m still sick as hell. Good grief what a disaster.


Seeing as how it’s the last day of the month I thought I’d do a little update on how I’m doing with my goals, and the answer is GREAT. I’m doing awesome, and I’m not even being sarcastic.

1. Putting my laundry away: I have totally been doing this, and I’ve been making Taylor do it too so our bedroom is like, 75% less piles of clothes now. As a weird bonus, being so ~on top~ of laundry has somehow also extended to being ~on top~ of the dishes, amazing.

2. Growing out my hair: well I haven’t cut it all off yet. I actually have a hair appointment tomorrow but I’m only getting the back cut where it is looking shaggy & mullet-y and bad and keeping all my hard-won length in the front. I conceivably COULD cut it all short since my natural colour roots are long enough but then it’d take the next six months to get back to the point I’m at now, so NOPE.

3. Stop eating potato chips during the week: I HAVEN’T HAD ANY POTATO CHIPS AT ALL. NOT ONE. FOR A WHOLE MONTH.

4. Be consistent with wearing sunscreen (especially on my feet): still totally irrelevant since I basically haven’t gone outside during daylight hours and when I have I’ve worn boots & a parka (but when I have gone out my regular facial moisturizer is SPF30).

Sooooo basically so far I AM THE BEST AT GOALS. At least for January, I’m reserving judgement on my prospects for February.

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