February 5th


morning light // perched on the pouffe // blue sky & alders // digging through the dress-up box // the scene of last weeks prank: the compost bin I was hiding behind is just to the left of the picnic table, and when I finally fell I was almost at the bench on the right, so you can imagine how far I flailed // out for a stroll // walk-in clinic exam room mirror selfie // ginger ale & lozenges forever and ever amen

I was finally able to go to the doctor this morning and YAY I have a sinus & ear infection, which is exactly what I thought. I actually felt a bit better when I woke up but I guess all the otc meds I took last night must not have worn off yet because I felt steadily worse as the morning wore on. Since I had to take Gwen with me anyway I decided to have her checked out as well and she also has an ear infection which is GREAT JUST GREAT. Her second in six months, I guess she’s going to be as ear infection-prone as Sym was as a small child. Did you know that if an ear infection is bad enough it can rupture the eardrum and all the pus that was locked away will come streaming and/or oozing out over the course of several days? I do, because it happened to Sym, MULTIPLE TIMES. Ugh, I hope it doesn’t happen to Gwen, it’s so horrible :/

Anyway now that I’ve talked about pus let’s end this post with some positivity…
– a very sweet & generous friend sent me the money it would have cost me to take today off
– it’s gorgeous out, cold but sunny
– all the bras I ordered came in the mail today and actually fit
– even with an ear infection, Gwen is sweet and fun to be around
– it’s my birthday 🙂

5 Replies to “February 5th”

  1. I wish I had been here a few posts ago to re-assure you about getting acrylic nails! I had to get fake nails because with out them my fingernails are like wet paper napkins. Every now and then someone will tell me fake nails are gross/bad/stupid and I say NO having your fingernail split in half and bleed everywhere because you lightly bumped it on a surface is gross/bad/stupid.

    Anyway I’m glad you got to go to the Dr, and get your sinus’ taken care of.

    1. my natural nails are the worrrrrrrst! they would be literally 1mm long and they break and snag and rip off, it was RIDIC. I feel like they are growing out really quickly though, like I know you are supposed to get them filled every couple weeks but HOLY SHIT mine have grown out SO MUCH already.

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