February 11th


trying to get over the gate // I bought these little powdered donuts for a Flowers in the Attic viewing with some friends but I was too sick so I had to cancel, I guess I’ll have to eat them all myself // Georgie & Harley trying to convince my neighbor to let Harley off the leash so they could wrassle // my other neighbor’s cat watched from the roof, disapprovingly // cool baby at lunch // baby eats: rotini carbonara // always always always making “What Is The Point” banners, I think these are my 3rd-best sellers // always nice to see that I’ve managed to keep my pathetic hydrangea alive // after years of my trying & failing to cultivate it, the moss is finally coming back in my “””garden””” (more like garbage-den tbh)

I think a witch has put a hex on me. No, really. I just keep stupidly injuring myself/being injured in the stupidest ways through no fault of my own. First I leaned my arm on that little plastic toy bowl while it was supporting all my weight PLUS the baby, then I dropped that huge block of wood on my foot. The whole slipping in mud & crash-landing on gravel while pranking incident happened, and then this weekend my cat jumped into my lap while I was wearing a short dress and jammed all her claws into my thigh and I screamed and woke Taylor up. PLUS I’ve had this shitty cold for SIX WEEKS and everyone else who had it already got better but I have a sinus infection still!



Ever since I watched the Evgeni Plushenko “Pony” video last night I’ve had that stuck in my head, and I’m reminded of the time I made some reference to it to Taylor and he was like “I’m not familiar.” It was literally this, except he was Ann & I was Tom. Some other funny things about Taylor:

Once we were watching one of the Harry Potter movies and he called Voldemort “That Ralph Fiennes-lookin’ motherfucker.” THAT IS RALPH FIENNES OMG.

When we watched Magic Mike (HIS PICK, BTW) afterwards he was like “That was like some…. Steven Soderbergh movie!” Guess what, IT IS A STEVEN SODERBERGH MOVIE.

He also claims to have never heard Ignition (Remix) OR know the words to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Idk about him, you guys.


I want to take a minute to thank everyone who bought a pack of the Symmichi stickers Sym designed. I told her she could have 100% of the money and as predicted, she’s spending it on lip gloss and sour gummi candies. On Friday she bought herself a bag of sour gummi worms and saved all the red & blue striped ones for me. For about 1 minute I was all mushy about it because they are my favourites but then she told me she doesn’t like that colour. TWEENS. No but really, she’s just about the coolest kid in the world, and so funnyyyyyyyy omg. Hanging out with her is great.


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  1. Tanie, I watched Flowers and Heather Gram is a dumb dumb. I am excited for the next one even though this one was NOT as good as I had hoped. I think the next one is going to be awesome. The grandma ma was pretty awesome and there was some funny one liners FER SURE

  2. I read an article on how to grow moss. You mix a liter of buttermilk and moss in a blender and then pour it where you want it to grow. Apparently it works great, even on rocks or cement.

    1. Or, it clogs up your blender and fries it, and the buttermilk-moss mix is so gross and stinks up the world and molds and raccoons dig it all up anyway

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