March 7th

#nailsandnetflix if cavemen and astronauts got in a fight, who would win? Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet + A Hole in the World ie THE SADDEST EPISODE OF TELEVISION EVER BARRING ONLY THE BODY
Storm cloudsFluffy lil white clouds



blood oranges, cara cara oranges, pink grapefruit // grinnin’ // Sally Hansen in Mint Sorbet // super cool pins from The Disaster Life // lemonade, peach & strawberry smoothie // clouds & clouds // signs of spring // lil ginger // these are all gonna be bluebells // snackin’

A great snack for babies is Cheerios*. I mean everyone knows that, babies & toddlers are given Cheerios all the time. Just plain ol’ Cheerios can get a little boring so I like to mix them with lil cereal puffs and crackers, like goldfish or bunnies or whatever is cheap.

This snack mix (which I keep in a fancy pink ice bucket on my counter) is great because it is actually a double snack: babies will eat it sitting in their high chairs, but they’ll also throw it everywhere and after you get them out they’ll eat it off the floor (before you get all judgey like EW YOU LET YOUR BABY EAT OFF THE FLOOR I want you to remember for a second that babies will pick up everything they find on the floor and put it in their mouth so why not make some of that everything food? and I’m pretty sure it helps to build a healthy immune system). This also functions as a snack for dogs.

*or a giant club pack of store-brand toasted oaty-os


things I want to accomplish this weekend…

• put the tv up on the bedroom wall! I bought a bracket for it ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS AGO, I really need to get this done
• get my nails filled
• retouch my hair
• finish the tree/mountain/cloud sewing projects I’m working on so I can photograph them properly and get them up on etsy!

Lil leprechaun #17daysofgreen

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