March 3rd


just woke up // toesies // the former changing table is now her toy shelf // lil blueberry muffin loaf // what Gwen wore: top, Joe Fresh (I undid the knot); leggings, Old Navy; boots made by me // the aforementioned boots, all finished with snaps and everything // latest project // baby was here // choco-nose // blue mood // Quo by Orly in Night Sky // mountains-cloud-trees // helping

This morning Gwen threw up for the first time in her life. Like not just baby spit up, actual semi-digested food barf. In spite of the grossness, here are some blessings:

– she was wearing leggings with really stained knees that when I put them on her I thought “I should really soak these in some OxyClean”
– even though she was wearing her lil baby friend’s cardigan she didn’t get any throw up on it
– she was standing on the linoleum NOT the carpet when it happened
– there were also no toys or books nearby so nothihng got splattered with puke
– she doesn’t actually seem to be sick, I think she just had too much bouncy fun
– Taylor was still awake to clean up the floor while I cleaned up the baby

See? #barfblessed

6 Replies to “March 3rd”

  1. hehe my daughter just had her first projectile and I was like OMG is this normal. totally is- she was running around with glee 5 minutes later… oh the joys of parenting. I love her little shoes- so adorable.

  2. You are so talented! Those boots! And clouds. You are so casual about it too. And those cute little pudgey baby feet!

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