March 31st


cherry blossoms are happening // so pretty! //magnolias against the sky, with guest appearance by the back of the hospital // she’s like “take me out take me out take me out for walkies!!!!!” // rhododendrons & soon-to-be-bluebells // idk what this one is but it’s really pretty // backyard dog // it was a pajama kind of day // guess what, I finally took pictures of my new items // in Ol’ Yeller, my giant bright freakin yellow double stroller // down by the cauldron // sky mountains water // Digital Orca // Gwen wore: coat for Zara, pants from H&M, boots I made // shiny // she’s chasing me // baby hits the bricks // bless this mess

2014 goals update…

1. Putting my laundry away regularly instead of leaving it piled all over my room: still doing this, still forcing Taylor to do it too.

2. Growing out my hair: this is going very slowly. I’ve mentioned this recently but it is seriously the most annoying length in the entire world right now: long enough that it’s always in my face/eyes, too short to put it back in any way that doesn’t look idiotic. I decided I’m 100% sick to death of the purple so in the past week I took real steps to fade it, doing two soap caps. I actually have enough bleach left to do a third but I’m pretty happy with where it’s faded to now. This was the colour on the 23rd:
EOS 5D Mark II-1143.jpg
… and this is it today:
Sunny day selfie

3. 3. Stop eating potato chips during the week: I haven’t had any potato chips, I don’t crave them AT ALL anymore. I definitely need to pick another terrible food item to eliminate, but I’m not sure what. Pop? Probably pop.

4. 4. Be consistent with wearing sunscreen (especially on my feet): I actually wore sunscreen today! It’s really sunny and I was going out with Gwen and her baby friend for a couple hours, so I sunscreened my feet, face and neck. YAY ME, maybe I won’t get a dumdum tan this year.

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