April 7th


has cookies… // … wants cookies // daffies // outside // I realized after I took this that it’s a mummified ladybug from last year // pointed toe // the flowering quince is really getting it done // boot on & off // white mini eggs from my friend Stephanie // a constant wasteland of discarded toys // sneaky-face // only an idiot would attempt to embroider suede // spring angel // shoes don’t fit // somewhere on the other side of the gate is a cat // a non-mummified ladybug // she just needs a tiny aviator cap // a soft little paw

I went out shopping this weekend, ostensibly I was looking for tank tops (I’m always looking for tank tops) and underwear for myself, neither of which I found. I did get some things for Gwen: a long dress (I know some people think long dresses on toddlers are dumb and impractical but I say IT’S SO CUUUUUUUTE), new shortie pajamas for spring, a pair of shoes which are way too big but she insisted on wearing them around the house all afternoon anyway, and baby’s first jean shorts, which she also insisted on wearing.

While I was out I did a lot of weird thinking about what direction (???) I want to take my wardrobe (???) in this spring. Right now my clothes consist of assorted leggings & sweatpants, tank tops, and dresses I never wear but can’t bear to part with. WOW SUCH FASHION VERY STYLE. I mean obviously I have other clothes like jeans and skirts and sweaters but with my lifestyle of hanging around with babies and dogs in my house all day I have this what-is-the-point attitude about getting “dressed up,” like why would I put on something remotely nice when the only people who see me are under the age of two and will probably wipe snot all over my shirt?

Anyway the only thing I came up with was a sudden and desperate desire for some black cutoffs, but I also didn’t want to pay a lot of money for them. I figured I’d probably have to get a pair of black jeans and cut them off myself, but that seemed really stupid and wasteful, especially if I had to pay full price for them. However, in a burst of cleansing synchronicity I found a pair of black jeans on super clearance at The Gap, in the right size but the wrong length (too short, if they were long enough I would have felt compelled to keep them as pants). Serendipity! Now if only the weather would hold long enough for me to actually wear them…

Even though I didn’t find many new clothes (in addition to the jeans/cutoffs I bought a black t-shirt and ordered some black Birkenstocks because I had Birkenstocks in high school and time is a flat circle so why not) I did take a serious step in refining my wardrobe. Yes, it’s true, I FINALLY went through and got rid of all my leggings that have holes in the crotch. AMAZING I KNOW. I also pulled out all the too-small jeans and ill-fitting sweatpants and made enough room in my dresser that everything I kept actually fits in the drawers. This makes my spring plan to buy new, taller dressers with more drawers for the bedroom kind of pointless, except maybe it just means that once I have the taller dressers with more drawers I’ll be OBLIGATED to buy clothes to fill them. So now I just need to figure out my new wardrobe direction and find some money and I’ll be set.

All last week I worked on setting up the listings for the new line in my shop (I feel like a turd calling it a “””line””” but it’s so completely different from everything else I sell I guess it technically IS a new line). It’s no secret that I am complete crap at writing item descriptions so I enlisted the help of some of my friends to get them done. My friend Mollie wrote some that I love but don’t think I should use as they are bleak and bleakness doesn’t lend itself to somewhat frivolous spending, but I wanted to share them.

“”they’re cumulus,” she says. it was early august. mother was giving us a lesson in cloud classification as we lied on our backs sucking popsicles. it was just weeks before the great war, and little did we know, these were the best days of our lives. “that cloud looks like a flower in bloom, mama. bloomulus.” 12cm x 6cm. felt.”

“it’s nearing dusk. it’s cold. cold deep down to the pit of your stomach. one more climb and you’ll be there. these 5 years of training have all been leading up to this moment. all of the tears and the blood and the sweat have been leading up to this moment. you’re at the summit now. you’re at the top of the goddamn world. 13cm tall. felt.”

“the last remaining forests on our planet are disappearing at an alarming and frightening rate. in the logging industry’s wake, animal habitats are destroyed and communities are devastated. and yet, it is the trees that sustain our lives. only you can save the them. 14cm tall. felt.”

Thank you Mollie, you are a treasure.

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  1. Oops, did the eggs arrive all cracked and de-shelled? I was hoping the padded envelope would prevent that.

    I love that dress on Gwen!

  2. Omfg Gwen in that dress!!!!!!

    And I still think you should use the product descriptions tbh. I think they complement the unconventional-ness of your banners!!

      1. oh I know haha but I just meant they go with the whole ~feel~ of your shop. I do feel like your actual descriptions that you have now will help you sell way more though so fair enough 😀

  3. Ah she’s getting so big! That dress is way cute too, people that worried about long dresses on toddlers can calm down for real. I love the little mountains!

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