April 29th

she’s really into little pom-poms and this jean jacket from Jenn // skinned knees are easily fixed by hugs from daddy // pizza also helps // Sally Hansen in Eel Skin // last summer Gwen had these polka dot chambray romperalls that I LOVED; I dressed her in them constantly and was so sad when she outgrew them. this year they have a nearly identical pair in an anchor print and I can already tell we’re going to get a lot of use out of them

I think I might have mentioned before that Gwen is tall. She’s just SO TALL, idek. I measured her the other day and she’s closer to the average height for a 22-month-old, which I think is pretty impressive for someone who isn’t quite 18 months yet.

One thing I’ve noticed about this is I sometimes have trouble finding jeans that fit her well. In leggings and sweatpants a 2T size fits her fine, but the jeans are almost always too tight. Most toddler jeans don’t fit her still-chubby baby body, but baby jeans are usually too short. She only has one pair of jeans right now (from The Gap) and so she hardly wears them. When I do dress her in them she is baffled and stares at her legs like “What the heck???”

It’s actually been a pretty rough couple of days in baby land. On Friday she looked super-cute playing in the backyard in her little jean shorts, but after falling down on the flagstone path a few times her exposed knees were good and skinned. She also ended up with a fat lip. That was nothing tho, compared to last night when Gwen and I both fell down and got hurt. I can barely even explain what happened, other than it was an accident and it was my fault. I can already tell this is something I’ll feel bad about for the rest of my life. We were a worried she might have a serious injury so Taylor and I spent a fun evening in the emergency room with her. Happily, outside of some superficial scrapes, a couple of bruises and a re-fattening of her previous fat lip she’s fine. I’m also scraped and bruised, but mostly just INCREDIBLY INCREDIBLY guilty.

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  1. Tall lady over here! I’m 6′ tall as an adult, was 24″ long at birth, and was at the top of height charts my entire childhood. Kind of a weird suggestion, but once she’s big enough for girls clothing, take a look at Wrangler jeans. They come in a long size for kids, which I believe is rare! I lived in Wranglers in elementary school because literally no other brands were long enough for me.

  2. Gwen has the same hair do I had through my twenties, makes me long for non greying hair! I love her baby chubbyness- she’s such a beautiful little girl. Don’t feel bad for having an accident. X

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