May 1st


Spring is here, for really real this time. The transition from winter to spring is so weird, baby clothes-wise. I never know what to dress Gwen in, like is she really okay with just a dress and a jean jacket or does she need tights? Is a sweater too much? Will she even keep a sweater on (the answer is no)? I think that with little kids a lot of people overkill it on the warm dressing, like I used to know a family who dressed their daughter in fleece-lined jeans over tights all the way through June! When they are a baby they need that extra layer but once they are toddlers/preschoolers it’s not necessary. Or maybe sometimes it is? These sunny but windy but maybe cloudy but warm but it might rain spring days are a challenge.

It’s time for a goal update, my last one was March 31st.

I’m going to stop updating on my quitting potato chips & putting my laundry away goals because I feel they are done. I’ve accomplished them. Instead I added a new goal: quitting drinking pop except for one can on Thursdays. It’s actually been a lot harder than say, quitting chips was. I think I started this a few days into April and while I didn’t buy any pop for myself I did drink some gingerale of Taylor’s and some Coke that was leftover from a sleepover Sym had. I think if it’s in the house, I’ll drink it. Terrible! This is definitely going to be a challenge.

I also did a crap job with my sunscreen goal. After a strong start it kind of petered out. I find it hard to break out of the mindset of “oh, I’m only going to be outside for 20/30/45 minutes, do I really need to put sunscreen on?” YES. YES YOU DO, especially if you’re going to be wearing Birkenstocks because you’ll get an even stupider tanline on your feet than usual. Also, because I was out of the habit of thinking about sunscreen I forgot to put any on when we went to the beach on Good Friday, AND I forgot to put any on Gwen! Not good. Do better, me.

As for my final goal (growing out my hair) it’s still going. I had it cleaned up at the neck (where it was starting to look mullet-y) last weekend but that’s all. It’s actually an honest-to-goodness bob now, and looks alright if I take the time to blowdry it (except I almost never do). I’m not in love with it though; anything above the shoulders is an annoying length on me. Grow faster! Do better, hair.

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