May 24th

I think I’ve posted these clematis (clematises? clematisi?) every week but they are truly amazing this year!
pancakes for dinner
my new craft closet, so organized!

This short week really messed up my schedule. I had a bunch of etsy orders to make & ship and I thought I had much more time than I actually did. I kept doing stupid things like deciding to rearrange the closets and furniture and obsessively playing Monument Valley instead of making them! In the end I got everything out on time AND created a craft closet for myself that keeps all my supplies safe from baby hands.

Gwen has been quite the little terror this week: pulling the couch apart, unzipping all the cushions, refusing to eat pretty much everything that isn’t breakfast. She’s cutting her thirteenth tooth this week, so that explains why, but I also think she’s getting out all the destruction she reigned in while we were out of town.

Now I’m off to spend the rest of the weekend building the rest of the new dressers (that we bought EASTER WEEKEND, lol I can’t believe I haven’t finished them yet!), moving some bookcases into Sym’s room & working on a fun new project for my etsy: iron-on patches! I posted a lil sneak peak on instagram last night, I just need to test the patches for colourfastness and how well they actually iron on before I start listing them.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Ooo your clematis is totally gorgeous! I’m still waiting for mine to bloom, but they’re getting close.

  2. I’m feeling covetous today! 1) Where did you get those cute little strawberry glasses? and 2) I have liked your couch for a long, long time….what brand is it, might I ask?

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