May 30th


What I’ve done recently…

• Built & rearranged so much furniture around the house! In addition to finally finishing the WALL OF MALMS in my bedroom, I moved the bookcases from my office to Sym’s bedroom, moved a little side table from my bedroom to my office (where it now holds the printer, much to Gwen’s delight), taken one of the dog crates in the foyer down and made room for a sorely-needed shoe rack, and put doors on the dvd cabinets to keep little baby hands out. I also jettisoned a ton of old/broken/unwanted stuff, like Sym’s old desk and the remains of one of my old dressers-although I kept parts of the dresser to construct a headboard from, which I hope to get started this weekend.

• Created some new products for my shop: iron-on patches! I used the designs from my jewel & gem stickers, and after testing the security of the iron-on adhesive and the colourfastness of the patches themselves by ironing a whole whack onto my old summer bag I’m happy to say that they are now available in the shop for only $2 a pair (plus shipping). You can check them out here.

• Started a penpal club! I was thinking the other day about how much I like getting stuff in the mail and participating in swaps and I thought… what if the swap went on forever? Originally I just wanted a couple penpals for myself but I had such an overwhelming response that I decided to match people with penpals of their very own. I’ve been collecting everyone’s info and entering it into a spreadsheet, and hope to match everyone with their partners this weekend. I’ve also been gathering up some cute little trinkets to send to my own penpals (of which there are six, oops).

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