June 10th

other people post pics of gorgeous, healthy food; I post pics of food court garbage ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
she sells sea shells
city beach = sand pigeons
we found this rake & another toy discarded in the sand so we kept them #freeganbaby

Another busy weekend….

Gwen’s favourite activity right now is walking the dogs. You might think I was trying to make cute happen and gave her the leash, but it was quite her own idea. Whenever we go into the foyer now, instead of grabbing all the shoes she heads straight for the dog leashes! Taylor has some more dog walking pics on his instagram, including one of her walking Georgie AND Kichou which will probably cause you to die from cuteness.

Her LEAST favourite activity is going to the farmer’s market. So many people, and it seems they all want to tell Gwen she’s cute. This week an old lady held out her arms as if to pick her up and Gwen basically turned around and ran away. She just doesn’t like strangers bothering her! I always tell people she is shy, but it doesn’t stop them from trying to make friends. Maybe I should start telling people she bites? I told Taylor I was going to get her a lil Hannibal Lecter mask.


Sym asked me to dip-dye the ends of her hair pink this weekend, and I think it turned out really well. I don’t like when there’s a really stark delineation between the colours so I deliberately painted the bleach on in an uneven and more natural looking way. She really loves it.

After her hair was finished I had to take her out shopping for her seventh grade graduation dress, which now that I think about it might be irrelevant because the teachers are probably going on strike for the rest of the year. But at least I got to spend several hours of her rejecting every single dress in every single store for no reason she could state until I was ready to tear my eyes out! Eventually she settled on a little off-white lace minidress from the tween section at H&M (the last store we went to) which was almost identical to a dress she turned down in Forever 21 (the first store we went to). TWEENS.


On Sunday I THOUGHT I had to go buy some supplies for one single etsy order, but at the last minute I bothered to check and as it turns out, I had everything I needed. Instead we decided to go to the beach for the morning. It was the perfect day for it: warm but a little overcast so we didn’t broil in the sun. I’m so happy we live so close to the beach; we can head down there at the drop of a hat and never feel like we have to stay all day to justify to bother/prep/travel time because it’s only a few blocks from our house.

The last time we went Gwen hated everything about it, but she had much more fun this time. Maybe next time she’ll put her feet in the water? Only time will tell.


Taylor and I also binge-watched the new season of Orange is the New Black, which was great. I liked the feeling of knowing that everyone else was watching the same thing; is that what it was like in the olden days when there were special television events and miniseries that everyone would watch? You’d think I’d remember, being from the olden days myself. On a related note, I read this morning that it’s been estimated that Netflix makes up 1/3 of all internet traffic at any given time. i’m pretty sure that 1/3 of that 1/3 is just me, haha.

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