June 6th

idk what she is doing here, sneezing?
there is this one community garden plot in the park that has HUGE bleeding heart flower plants, and every year I’m like UGH WHY WON’T MINE GROW SO BIG??? I have to say though, since weeding this one looks a lot bigger. MAYBE if I weed around it regularly it will grow bigger because all the nutrients in the soil aren’t being sucked up by cruddy weeds, and next year it’ll be EVEN BIGGER. GARDENING!
a rare sighting!

You know how scent-memory works? How a certain fragrance will bring back a flood of memories? Well I have a weird version of this that I like to call activity/tv memories, where doing a certain activity will bring back the memory of what was on tv when I was last doing it. I decided this week that I wanted to make Gwen a new pair of shoes for summer, and yesterday while I was looking through my leather bin for this particular piece of beautiful, soft duck’s egg blue leather I was flooded with memories of what I was watching the last time I made her footwear: Highlander, in particular The Kurgan, who cracked me up through the whole movie.

Assembling file folders makes me think of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Making woodland banners reminds me of series one of Misfits. And for some reason that makes LITERALLY zero sense, doing the dishes makes me think of The X-Files, which is really weird because I can’t see the tv from the kitchen sink, and why would I start watching an episode of The X-Files and then leave the room to wash dishes? The mind boggles.
Conceivably there is a scent element to some of these these; leather certainly has a smell, as does dish soap. But file folders? They don’t really smell like anything. And I make banners every week (sometimes every DAY), but only the woodland banner makes me think of Misfits. And actually I’ve sorted through my leather a couple times recently (while moving all my craft supplies into my new craft closet) and it wasn’t until I decided to make the shoes that the leather reminded me of Highlander. Maybe this is a sign that I watch too much tv? WHO CAN SAY.

As it turns out, I chose the perfect time to make some new shoes for Gwen. She recently outgrew the coral suede ones I made for my tutorial, and I just discovered the gold leather ones I made her for Christmas have a hole in the toe- she’s worn right through them! I have to say, I feel pretty smug that the leather wore out before my sewing. Anyway, I found the piece of duck’s egg blue leather I was looking for, as well as some very similar-in-colour suede for the soles. I just had one piece of the leather, and I didn’t think it was big enough to use my regular pattern so I spent all my spare time working out a new pattern that required less leather. I made a test shoe out of green felt, then adjusted the size and shape. Finally satisfied with the pattern, last night I traced and cut out all the pieces… only to realize there would have been plenty of leather to use my old pattern! D’oh. But hey, it’s good to expand my cobbling repertoire, right?

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  1. Maybe when you were a kid I made you wash the dishes while I was watching the X Files? I mean, it’s gotta be my fault, I’m sure………………also, this is exactly the way I am. Right now, I am painting away on seven canvases at the same time, having a helluva good time , BUT know when these paintings are done, every time I look at them I’ll be thinking of – oh dear – GLEE.

    1. LOL NOT GLEE haha. And the kitchen sink at yours is EVEN FURTHER from the tv, so I don’t think that’s it. It’s just an unsolvable mystery, one might even say… an X-FILE

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