July 18th

The other week we ordered diapers online for the first time ever and they arrived in a huge box stuffed with a long (like 30 feet) piece of brown packing paper, and WOW have the babies & dogs been having a good time with it! The paper is pretty torn up and shredded now, and all over the living room, but the mess was worth all the fun.

Gwen has continued to be into (and onto) everything recently. It’s literally impossible to keep her from climbing the furniture so to save our computers (and Gwen’s neck) we’ve been using bungee cords to tie our office chairs to our desks and also fasten all the dining room chairs together so she can’t climb up on the table. She is very frustrated by our attempts to thwart her and spends a lot of time pulling on the chairs and howling. I’m also very frustrated as it’s a huge pain in the ass to have to tie/untie the chairs every time I need to sit down at my desk or the table.

Actually I think EVERYTHING is frustrating me this week. It’s been really hot, which would normally be pretty cool (HA) but my Graves’ disease makes me intolerant to heat and extra sweaty. My hair is at this supremely annoying length where it’s so short that it’s literally impossible to tie or pin back and yet is simultaneously long enough to always be in my face. Sym is in super-tween mode to the point where nearly every interaction with her is a struggle, Taylor has also been getting inexplicably on my nerves and my cat WILL NOT stop meowing! Like, WHAT DO YOU EVEN WANT, CAT???
I’ll never tell =^•x•^=
And remember when I said I was SO BUSY with a new project? Well guess what, I haven’t even touched it since because I’m feeling super anxious/a lot of self-doubt about it. Crippling amounts, even. How does one get past these thoughts? At this point I don’t even know if I want to do it at all anymore. I don’t want to do anything, I just want to lie in a cool, dark room and listen to my latest sad girl-playlist on repeat forever.
LOL WHAT A ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTION THIS WEEK HAS BEEN. I started drafting this post a few days ago and the above two paragraphs? Wow. I’m happy to report that the crisis has passed and everything is cool. I even did more work on my super-secret project (don’t you hate it when bloggers go on about SeCrEt PrOjEcTs?) and all I need to do is take some pics, shoot & edit a video (this might have just given the whole thing away), and write a bio about myself. That last one though. Ugh. I hate writing bios! I was thinking I might copy the “About” from this blog buuuut as it turns out I just paraphrased Coffee Talk with Linda Richman. So now I need to start from scratch, and honestly the very idea is giving me shpilkis in my genechtagazoink.

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