July 20th


Gwen’s quest to climb every piece of furniture in the house continues. Recently she learned to climb up the dog stairs onto my bed, and this weekend she climbed onto the little side table my printer is on and from there, on top of my desk, which is just PERFECT. I have now put the printer on top of two stacked side tables so she’ll no longer be able to climb up, but honestly, it’s just a matter of time until she figures out another way. That baby is wily.

After a scorching hot week it finally cooled down a bit this weekend. Saturday morning was drizzly, but it cleared up in the afternoon. Today has been overcast and rainy all day. After we put Gwen to bed at naptime I took Georgie for a walk in the rain and it was really nice.

On Saturday Sym went to Ikea with her dad, dad’s girlfriend and her grandma and they picked up a few things for me- mostly toys, some washcloths and a little napkin holder. We actually use cloth napkins so right now the napkin holder is on my desk holding my coasters. It matches my side of the office since it’s bright yellow, but it’s shaped like a cloud? It really doesn’t make any sense, which might be my favourite thing about it.

We also got the GREATEST toy. It’s a stuffed Big Bad Wolf wearing jeans and a checked shirt. It comes with a little stuffed Granny that you can cram down the wolf’s throat into his belly! The front of his shirt velcros open so you can get her back out. At first I thought it was weird that there was no Little Red Riding Hood doll to go with it, but then I realized the kid is Red (so I guess I need to get Gwen a red hoodie now). At first she only wanted to carry around the granny and hated the wolf, but today she is all about Big Bad and insisted on taking him into her crib at naptime. She has about fifty stuffies in there right now; I tried taking some out but she yelled until I returned them all (except for one). I’ll have to try and clear it out when she’s not in the room.

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