August 27th

I feel like even though I’ve been posting recently I haven’t really been talking about what I’ve been doing. More like what I NEED to do and also my feelings on things, plus pictures because who doesn’t love pictures? Anyway. Here’s what I’ve been up to while I’ve been off work (since the 18th)…

Actually I’m going to start with the weekend before the 18th, and what I was up to that weekend was being sick. I woke up on that Friday morning with painful blisters in my nose. I was like WHAT EVEN IS THIS so on Saturday morning I went to the walk-in clinic to see the doctor, who told me it was probably a cold sore. I’d never had one before and I didn’t even know you could get them inside your nose. I got a prescription for anti-virals which absolutely knocked me on my ass for the whole weekend, especially when combined with the otc muscle relaxants I was taking for my unbearable period cramps. Not the best weekend of my life, tbh, but the anti-virals worked and by Sunday night the blisters and face pain were but a distant memory and I felt well enough to go out for gelato.

Monday was also super fun, with a dentist appointment in the morning (for me) and a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon (for Gwen). As I previously mentioned I wanted to speak to her doctor about her speech delay, and he reassured me it wasn’t a big deal and that she’d probably catch up, but he also referred me to a pediatrician just to be safe.

Tuesday we went for a walk in Stanley Park.

pics from Stanley Park here

Wednesday is comic book store day for Taylor, so Gwen and I tagged along to run a couple errands and also stop by Cartems Donuterie for donuts. Taylor had whiskey bacon, I tried chocolate chip mint and Gwen demolished a vanilla bean. They were so good, and also really filling? Like I can easily eat three donuts from Tim Hortons in rapid succession but one from Cartems was enough for me (which is good because they are expensive).

Thursday was supposed to be our PNE day, but the pediatrician our family doctor referred us to had an appointment available in the middle of that afternoon. She had no other appointments for three weeks so we decided to postpone our trip to the fair. I have to say, I LOVE the pediatrician and I wish she could be Gwen’s regular doctor. She was great and even my super-shy toddler (sort of) warmed up to her by the end of the appointment. Unfortunately her office is way the heck out on Oak Street near Children’s Hospital and 45 minutes there and 45 minutes back of walking-train-walking isn’t practical for us car-free types. Anyway she said that while Gwen definitely has a speech delay, she also said it wasn’t a big deal and that she’d probably catch up, and to just keep reading, singing and talking to her. After the appointment Gwen immediately passed out in her stroller (missed nap + emotional trauma of strangers examining her = tired toddler) so Taylor and I walked down to Broadway so I could go to the craft store. We love walking through residential neighborhoods and picking out our favourite houses, and the area east of Oak between King Edward and Broadway has some lovely ones, plus lots of little parks. Man I wish we could afford a house. The little 2-bedroom house next door to us is actually for sale again, this time listed at 2.1 million dollars. Ugh, Vancouver, why you gotta be so expensive?

Friday we went to the PNE. Gwen freaked out during the SuperDogs and Sym was disappointed because her favourite food vendor wasn’t there, but other than that we had a lot of fun.

pics from Cartems & the fair here

Saturday Taylor left for San Francisco. I had been a little stressed about how I’d manage the house with the dogs and Gwen by myself on the nights when Sym went to her dad’s (since I wouldn’t be able to leave the house when Gwen was sleeping), but Sym kindly agreed to stay home with me all week, which has been great. Mostly we’ve just been hanging around the house and the neighborhood; after all the places we walked last week I’m bone tired and have no desire to go on any long outings. The furthest afield we’ve gone was Tuesday, when we went for brunch with Jenn two blocks away from the apartment. Taylor is getting back tomorrow night and I can’t wait, I miss him a lot.

And here are this week’s pics…
We have new upstairs neighbors who foster dogs, this week they have an 8-week-old pitbull mix named Theo and everyone is In Love.

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