September 2nd


It’s my first day back at work after two weeks off, and I’m not even mad. Gwen and her little friend have spent the entire morning so far chasing each other around, playing and laughing and emptying out the recycling bin. They have so much fun together, plus he’s started talking a lot so maybe he’ll teach her a thing or two.

Today should be Sym’s first day back at school, but the teacher strike that started before the summer continues. I’m lucky I work from home so it doesn’t affect me the way it does other parents, but I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do with her while this endless summer vacation drags on. Like, she SHOULD be in school, not just lazing around her room reading manga and drawing pictures. I think I need to get her some workbooks or something before her brain atrophies entirely.

Taylor got back from San Francisco last Thursday evening, and we spent a nice long weekend together. The weather was kind of terrible but it was the nice kind of terrible, cool and crisp in the early morning, then rain storms at midday, followed by sunny afternoons. We mostly just hung around the house, but on Saturday we took a walk in Stanley Park. My plan was to swing around Beaver Lake and go up to Prospect Point, and as usual I got totally lost and turned around. I mean, not LOST lost, we didn’t go off trail* or anything, but I took us into the park on the wrong side of Georgia Street from Prospect Point so we had to find the overpass, and we went the wrong way at Beaver Lake and ended up on the Seawall so we had to backtrack majorly to find the right trail.

On the way back we came down off the hill onto the Seawall at Third Beach and continued along it to English Bay before heading up the other hill to our house. This is also the exact time when it started pouring with rain. Gwen was cozy under her stroller’s raincover but Taylor and I were not appropriately dressed for the weather. I had a flannel to put on over my t-shirt, but we were both wearing shorts and neither of us had a jacket. OOPS. By the time we made it home we were soaking wet.
Fun fact: the last time we went up to Prospect Point was this very same weekend last year.

Goal update…. The struggle to quit drinking soda continues. I did okay for most of this month but then one night while Taylor was away I had a DINNER EMERGENCY** and had to order pizza. I must have had some kind of a blackout because I also ordered a bunch of Dr Peppers, oops. Also a couple times during the month Taylor bought me cokes for the caffeine because I have been SO TIRED. I have been falling asleep almost every afternoon recently, but never while Gwen is napping so it’s not very convenient.

Anyway, while I continue to work on this I have a new goal! While Taylor was in San Francisco he worked out in the hotel’s gym a couple times, and now he wants to start going to the gym here again. We used to go like six times a week, but stopped going regularly years ago. I hadn’t been in forever, but yesterday marked our triumphant return to Fitness World. I’m weak and get exhausted easily (I HAVE A DISEASE OK) so I just walked semi-briskly on the treadmill while Taylor ran. It’s a start, and we’ve decided we want to go to the gym three days a week (after Gwen goes to bed on the nights Sym isn’t at her dad’s). I only have one sports bra though, so WE’LL SEE.

* Taylor actually refuses to go off trail with me. The one time we did (this was years ago, probably 2007 or 8) we stumbled into a creepy shanty town and I fell off a slippery log and landed on my back in a mud puddle. When I didn’t get up right away Taylor thought I’d cracked my head open or something (really I just knew that without help getting up I’d just get more and more covered in mud).

** I’d planned on making some cheese tortellini for the girls and I but after boiling the water I actually looked at the tortellini package and discovered it had expired in JUNE, yikes.

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  1. I never think about POP until someone mentions quitting it. Now I want a giant fountain Coke. Immediately. AUGH. (But it’s so worth it once you kick it. Promise.)

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