September 8th

Thank you to everyone for your comments on my last post. I miss my stupid cat so much, but writing that post really helped so I appreciate everyone who read it.

This is what I was planning on posting about last Friday…

Gwen has always hated playgrounds. Maybe I didn’t take her to enough of them when she was little(r), but once we started going it was pretty much a wash. The “good” playgrounds are all too far for her to walk, and if we took her in her stroller all she wanted to do was get back in the stroller and not play at all. She didn’t enjoy slides or baby swings, and the climbing equipment at the nearby playgrounds was all to big/advanced for her.

Last week that all changed, and when I took her to the playground at the school she actually played. SHOCKING. She really likes these rocking/bouncy animals, and even climbed up some stuff and went down a single slide. AMAZING. Her absolute favourite though, is the swings. Not stupid baby swings for babies, but REAL swings (although toddler swings with a seat back are okay too).
Too cool for school (playgrounds).
On the weekend we checked out some unfamiliar playgrounds along the Seawall in Yaletown to see if she’d play or just run back to the stroller.
EOS 5D Mark II-2425.jpg
EOS 5D Mark II-2452.jpg
EOS 5D Mark II-2477.jpg
EOS 5D Mark II-2506.jpg
Again, the swings were her favourite. I just wish there was a more toddler-friendly playground a bit closer to our house (COUGH COUGH MAYBE AS A REPLACEMENT FOR THE STUPID UN-FUN PLAYGROUND STRUCTURE IN NELSON PARK, VANCOUVER PARKS BOARD. GET IT TOGETHER).

A few other pics…
EOS 5D Mark II-2424.jpg
Weird mystery barge in False Creek, can anyone tell me what’s on the go here???
EOS 5D Mark II-2503.jpg
Pumpkin Spice Bébé. This was on Friday and I was SO SAD, then this lil goof started pumpkining around. How could I not smile?

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    1. I think Taylor took about 300 swing pictures that day, haha. They’re all so cute but I reigned it in and only posted… five.

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