September 12th

Sister time at the playground on Wednesday. After three months of no school Sym had turned into a weird hermit, lurking in her bedroom all day and growling whenever I asked her to do any chores. This week I banned her from hanging out in her room and forced her to come outside.
Another of Sym’s out-of-her-room activities: baking! The results were enjoyed by everyone.
Gwen finally overcame her fear of going down stairs.
Grooming time for swans.
Blueberry lemonade + watermelon grapefruit + Sprite.

A Two-Playground Day

This morning I took Gwen and her little friend to the playground at the school by my house. I called Sym to let her know where we’d be as she was at her dad’s still and it “creeps her out” to come home and find no one here. She was about to leave when she discovered she was having a key emergency; she’d left her keys at our house so she couldn’t lock the door behind her at her dad’s. Since this was partly my fault (I used her keys yesterday and left them in her cubby instead of giving them back to her to put in her purse) I decided to pop the little ones into the stroller and head down to bring Sym the keys.

When I got there she suggested a walk in Stanley Park down to Second Beach. There’s a pretty good playground there so we spent a little time on the swings and slides to make up for cutting our visit to the other playground short. Afterwards we walked around the Seawall back to English Bay and stopped for slushies on our way up the hill. At one point Gwen kicked off one of her new checkered Vans and we had to backtrack a block and a half to find it. We got back to the house super late so the kids had a quick lunch and then went straight down for their nap.

Why Meal Planning Doesn’t Work For Me

One day last week I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I had potatoes and salad fixins on hand so I asked Taylor to pick up some chicken on the way home. “Perfect,” I thought. Then I realized it was Tuesday, and Sym goes to her dad’s on Tuesdays, and if I made my best-in-the-world mashed potatoes on a Tuesday when she wasn’t here Sym would murder me, so I decided to postpone the chicken/potatoes/salad until Wednesday. No big deal, right?

Wednesday BOTH sump pumps for my building up and died, and while TECHNICALLY we could still use the sink, every drop of water that went down the drain increased the likelihood of sewage coming up through the toilets. There was NO WAY I was going to be able to drain boiled potatoes and wash vegetables without using the sink, not to mention handle raw chicken without being able to wash my hands! The plumbers weren’t finished until 6pm, which was way to late to start cooking dinner for Gwen so we got takeout instead and I decided to postpone the chicken/potatoes/salad until Friday.

Friday my cat died and I was too sad to cook so I decided to postpone the chicken/potatoes/salad until Monday. I put the chicken in the freezer because it was nearing its best before date and made a mental note to take it out of the freezer on Saturday night so it would be defrosted by Monday.

Saturday I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer.

Sunday I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer.

Monday the chicken was still frozen. I took it out of the freezer and decided to postpone the chicken/potatoes/salad until Wednesday.

Wednesday I FINALLY made the chicken and potatoes, but the salad greens had wilted (no surprise there) so we had corn instead.

Time from planned date of meal until actual cooking & eating of meal: EIGHT DAYS

Weekend Plans

At the start of this week the money I raised on kickstarter was transferred into my bank account, so tomorrow I’m going to the leather supply store to choose the hides (as well as snaps, a snap setter, better scissors, etc)! I’m super excited about it.

In the end after all the fees were deducted I received about $1,150 (so the fees were close to $170). That extra $150 above my goal is still enough that I can get a custom leather stamp made, which is pretty cool! I’m going to be ordering that today.

Other than that I think I’m going to:
– drink wine
– watch Life After Beth

– get my nails filled because it has been FIVE WEEKS and they are seriously disgusting, like super grown out and way too long so I keep catching them on things and hurting myself
– work on the custom mini-banner backer rewards

Happy Friday, everyone!


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