September 18th

Just a quick note to let everyone know the shop is open (I closed it temporarily so I could focus on making kickstarter rewards), and I also have a new item; ombre banners with hex glitter! This was kind of an accident; the very last order I had before closed the shop was for an indigo-to-silver ombre banner, and when I went to make it I discovered I didn’t have enough of the regular fine glitter left in silver to make it, but I did have a whole jar of small hexagonal silver glitter. I mixed the two together and I am just IN LOVE with the result.

It has a more dimensional & textural look than the regular ombre. Right now I only have 5 colours of hexagonal glitter but plan on adding more in the future.

Also from now until October 10th get free shipping on orders over $20 with the code SHIPFREE.

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