September 19th

The rain is here.
I think I post a lot of pictures that make it look like I don’t live downtown in a major city so here’s a charming alley view before I get to the raindrops on rosehips.
The mysterious pumpkin tree…

Gwen needs a new Newt Suit; the one she has now is from last year and is way too short in the arms and legs, although I think it’ll do until I break down (save up?) and get her a size three. Her rainboots are new to her and a total score: the lovely Katie thrifted them for $5 and sent them to us. I paid her for the $15 shipping, but considering that in Canada a new pair costs $60 I’d say that’s a pretty fricking good deal! They are a little big for her right now so I think she’ll be able to wear them all winter.

I also need new rainboots, I keep cheaping out and buying whatever bargain ones I can find and they always end up a) being super uncomfortable and b) splitting open after a single season. Super lame. Anyway since I need boots of course I’m buying jackets and shirts and sweatpants? Because that’s logical? I just ordered this jacket (I know I’m wearing a green jacket in the pic above but it doesn’t have a hood so OBVIOUSLY I need a second one) and this shirt last night. American Eagle has some really good deals, their fall stuff is buy one get one 50% off, plus 25% off friends and family rn, plus free shipping? CAN’T ARGUE WITH THAT. I also really want some olive or forest green or dark brown skinny sweatpants but the only ones I’ve been able to find that aren’t disgusting are at Roots and they only have XS and XL left. I know I’m not an XS but I’m not quite sure if I’m in XL territory yet. Oh and also they are like $70, bleagh. Someone give me a line of some cheaper options!

The cooler, wetter weather has me wanting nothing more than to curl up with warm drinks and comfy clothes and cozy blankets. We put the duvet on the bed this week and picked up some fuzzy pillows to make it even more of a dream, and I DEFINITELY have not wanted to get out of it in the mornings. I’ve been wearing a lot of wool socks and flannel shirts. I’m really into the idea of homemade soup. Every fall I get into the idea of soup and every fall I only make it once, but now I have an immersion blender so I declare that for really real this will be the year I make soup more often. And baking! I need to bake more things. I’ve started following a lot of tumblrs that are just pictures of trees and mountains and fog and clouds. And I was finally able to put this dress on Gwen. I bought it when I was 9 months pregnant because I couldn’t resist the little foxes and it’s been in storage for the past two years.
Too sweet. Anyway now I’m off to make hot apple cider and cinnamon roll baked donuts.

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