October 6th

Somebody’s been playing with my camera….
Gwen chose her own outfit for brunch on Sunday: sweater (she got a lot of compliments on it) and jeggings, Old Navy; Hunter boots, thrifted by Katie
Still on that soup roll, this is roasted red pepper & black bean.

WOW do I ever have a case of the Mondays. So far this morning I’ve:

• dropped a ceramic tea filter lid on the floor and broke it in half
• gotten in a fight with Sym about something dumb
• set one of the snaps on a pair of boots backwards, boots I’d been working on all weekend
• gotten in a fight with Taylor about something dumb
• forgot my coffee when I went down to the school
• stepped on a slug

And that was all before 9:30, I mean COME ON, universe! Whaaaaaaaat evennnnnnnnnnn giiiiiiiiives. UPDATE: further Monday-ish events:

• Gwen has developed a gross cold with a runny nose and sneezing
• when I went to check the mail I ran right into a giant spiderweb some stupid spider spun across my stairs

Luckily I was able to salvage the boot by mangling the socket of the mis-set snap with a pair of pliers until I was able to snip it off the cap (the cap is the part of the snap that shows on the outside of the boot, the socket attaches to the back of the snap and is the part that the stud snaps into- the stud is attached to the post which is the part that shows on the inside of the boot. It’s all very technical). These boots are a new pair for Gwen; she’s pretty much outgrown the brown ones I made for her in the spring and I had an idea for how to improve the pattern that I needed to test out. I made the sole and the vamp a little narrower to get a better fit on the foot, and other than a small snafu at the start of construction when I forgot to adjust the size of the cut-out in the front of the shaft where the vamp attaches (more technical terms!) it went well and in the end they turned out great.

This week I’m going to be working on the shoes & boots for kickstarter rewards, and once they are all done I’ll be adding them to the shop for sale, which is really exciting. I’ve already put up the snap pouches, you can find them here in the Little Mountain section.
And don’t forget you can still get free shipping on all orders $20 and over with the code SHIPFREE, valid until Friday.

4 Replies to “October 6th”

  1. Stepping on a slug makes me feel like giving up. It’s horrible! Even worse is when you yank out wet weeds that are covered in secret slug/snail slime and it’s impossible to get off your hands. Bleh. Luckily I think all our slugs are dead or hibernating or whatever they do when it gets too cold.

    I want that sweater for my girls, it’s so cute! Going shopping tomorrow, perfect timing on the sweater rec.

    1. The only thing worse than slugs is dead worms, bleagh.

      The sweater is Gwen’s new fave, it’s in the toddler boy section. For some reason the boy section always has better sweaters than the girl section, idk.

      1. I know what you mean. Girls sweaters tend to be a lot thinner material-wise, I guess little kids are worried about bulking up their figures? lol, whatever.

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