October 1st

The four tiny white dots on the far side of the lagoon are swans.
Apple pie with gold glitter.

Today I went down to Second Beach. At the playground there were three adults, two women and one man, playing on the swings. The man gave one of the women an under-duck and she screamed with laughter.

Gwen sang little songs to herself.

A new mother with a tiny infant in a purple stroller stopped to talk babies with me. The way she described her daughter’s wonder at all the things in the world expressed her own wonder at this little being she’d created.

Crows and seagulls pick mussels off the rocks and drop them onto the Seawall to break the shells open. Acorns and horse chestnuts are falling out of the trees onto the sidewalks so the cracking noises followed me all the way up the hill towards home.

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