October 25th

A blog reader made me this earwarmer/headband but it is a little small on my giant head/voluminous hair. It is great on Gwen though!
I had this hat in my etsy faves for literally years before buying it last fall, only to find out I hated it. I guess it was just my stupid short hair that was the problem though because this year I love it.

Semi-Unexpected Long Weekend

I ended up not having to work on Friday so it’s a long weekend for me. I would have liked to have slept in but Gwen had other ideas at 6am, so it really seemed like a long long long day (which would make this a long long long long weekend?). Gwen and I accompanied Taylor to Yaletown for his hair appointment and went to the playground to wait for him. We’ve taken Gwen to this playground before and she’s always hated it but after some time spent sitting on the bench with me she actually got up and played. Amazing! We got home so late that Gwen basically skipped her nap (oops) although she did sleep a little in her stroller. In lieu of sleep I took her shopping, which was a little too successful. Sometimes I wonder how much less money I’d spend if I didn’t live three blocks from the shopping district but then I remember the internet exists so probably I’d spend more once you factor in shipping costs (or the act of adding stuff to your cart until you pass the threshold for free shipping).

Ouch My Hubris

In what can only be described as a remarkable feat of hubris, I posited the other day that it might be a dry fall. Of course that meant on Thursday when I had to walk down and up the hill three times*, every time it was in pouring rain. I had the raincoat and pants situation sorted out but no rainboots, so on Friday I finally bit the bullet and got myself a pair of Hunters. YES YES I KNOW THEY ARE TOO EXPENSIVE TOO TRENDY THE HYPE BLAH BLAH BLAH but listen: over the past five years I’ve probably spent three to four hundred dollars on random rainboots that barely lasted a season, so REALLY it makes more sense to just buy the good boots in the first place. I polled my friends to make sure they really are worth it and everyone I spoke to agreed they were. I also went through this with raincoats, spending tons of money on jackets that were not even close to waterproof enough before I eventually splurged on my beloved Patagonia Torrentshell, which is still going strong three years later (such a wise investment!).

I’m Never Gonna Roast a Chicken

On Friday when I was out walking around it was SO COLD I started having a weird and inexplicable hankering for roast chicken. I was like “what a perfect thing to cook at this time of year, when I’ve just been running around buying rainboots and more wool socks and 2-for-$20 henleys! Much cozy, so comfort food, wowe!” Nevermind the fact that I’d never roasted a whole chicken before, like how hard can it really be, right?

Well it wasn’t hard but it was a LITERAL NIGHTMARE. One thing I was worried about was that problem I have where all the work that goes into preparing food, especially meat, grosses me out SO MUCH that I can’t eat it. That did happen but even worse than that, the chicken juices went crazy in the oven and spattered onto the element, causing the whole house to fill with smoke. This caused 4/5 of the smoke detectors to go off. I think it took about a half hour to fully air out every room and get them all to stop blaring. Because of this I had to take the chicken out of the oven like 5 minutes early so I was freaked out I was going to food poison us all. I didn’t, but I DID learn that no one in this house knows how to carve a bird. It was like a comedy of errors trying to get the stupid thing apart!

It was definitely more hassle than it was worth and I think it’s actually cheaper to just buy the cooked whole chickens from the deli, so yeah. NEVER AGAIN.


* Usually I just have to go down and up the hill twice a day but I made a special mid-day trip to the high school to drop off some forms Sym forgot. I hadn’t been in a high school in SO LONG, it was weird. Almost as weird as the fact that my kid is in high school tbh.

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    1. You did! I was like “hmm I’m pretty sure her name was Rachel” but I didn’t want to put it in the post in case Iw as wrong. I love the headband but my hair is TOO BIG so I’m glad Gwen can wear it because it’s so nice 😀

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