October 27th

Someone needs a bang trim. New hat from the Gap.
It’s really an amazing time for mosses, lichens and fungi rn.
Fallen maple leaves make perfect Georgie camouflage.
This tree was amazing, all mossy with ferns and tiny mushrooms growing up the branches. It was like a tiny magical fairyland ecosystem. I wish I could have gotten a better pic but alas, I’m not fifteen feet tall.
About a month ago I painted my nails with OPI’s St Peterburgundy and lamented that it wasn’t nearly as dark a red as I wanted. On the weekend I picked up Essie’s Wicked and this is it, EXACTLY the dark dark dark red I’d been looking for. I also got a deep navy blue from Quo by Orly called True Blue (on super clearance) that is also a perfect dark dark dark colour for fall, but I painted it on my toes and I’m not posting a pic of those because creeps.
I found these two branches that were completely hollowed out with the bark intact. I dried them in the oven for a couple hours on the lowest temperature and used them in my autumn vignette (below).
She had several total meltdowns on this walk, mostly because I wouldn’t let her just walk out into the street. SORRY I CARE ABOUT YOUR SAFETY, GWEN.

Back to Reality

After my impromptu 3-day weekend spent shopping, wandering around photographing mushrooms, setting up vignettes around the house, and lounging on the couch/bed/bath reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue I have to get back to my real life, and in my real life I need to make and ship about ten mini banners this week PLUS a pair of baby shoes PLUS Gwen’s Halloween costume, which I still haven’t made any progress on past the hood, oops. Time to hunker down and get to work.

All About the Teeth

Back in 2001 when I was pregnant with Symphony I had two wishes for my unborn baby: that she have her dad’s blue eyes and my teeth. Lol what a weird thing to wish for but dental work isn’t cheap and her dad has had a lot of tooth probs and my teeth are pretty great; they are very straight (a dentist once asked me if I’d had braces as a child which is a pretty good compliment I think) with strong enamel.

In the end she got my green eyes and tbh idek who’s teeth she has. She’s had a couple baby teeth that got wiggly but never came out on their own and need to be extracted (one was just last week) and she’s actually missing a couple of her adult teeth, like they just don’t exist. I think it’s her bicuspids that are missing, one on either side on the top? I forget.

At first the dentist hoped that with no adult teeth to break down the root of the baby teeth in those spots, the baby teeth could just stay, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Now there are two options: wait until she is older and get implants in the empty spaces, or use braces to pull her other teeth forward to fill the gaps (they are small spaces, remember, they just had baby teeth in them). Last week her dad took her to see the orthodontist, but the problem is too weird I guess so they were referred to another orthodontist that she’s gonna be seeing later this week. Hopefully this orthodontist will be able to tell us which option (implants or braces) will work best for Sym’s teeth, so we can start crying about the money lol.

PS My wishes for Gwen: Taylor’s blue eyes, my skin and MY TEETH GODDAMMIT.

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