October 29th

Overalls Timeline

October 20th: I order an adorable pair of overalls (or “dungarees with pocket,” whatever that means) for Gwen from Zara
October 27th: the overalls arrive, they are so cute I immediately wash them so I can dress Gwen in them the next day
October 28th, 8:30am: I dress Gwen in the overalls
October 28th, 8:31am: Gwen figures out how to unbutton the straps of the overalls
October 28th, 8:32am-8:44am: Gwen repeatedly unbuttons then asks me to rebutton the straps
October 28th, 8:45am: Gwen takes the overalls completely off
October 28th, 8:46am-8:59am: Gwen repeatedly takes the overalls off and asks me to put them back on her
October 28th, 9:00am: the buttonholes are now so stretched out the buttons won’t stay buttoned anymore
October 28th, 10:00am: I give up on the buttons and sew the straps to the front of the bib

Wolf Baby

Yesterday I finished making Gwen’s Halloween costume (the pic above was taken before I added the tail). After making the hood I kind of thought I might just put her in that with some grey sweats rather than making a whole furry outfit but in the end Taylor and Sym convinced me that I should just do it already. I’m glad I did, because Gwen looks adorable and she loves the suit; she wants to wear it constantly (she’s actually wearing it as I type this). I’m still considering making a pair of paw mittens with little claws but I might be sick of working with faux fur. No matter how carefully I slide the scissors along the backing to cut only it I still end up with a face full of loose fur fibres.

I used the pattern my mom helped me make, which was very simple: one piece for the body & two pieces for the sleeves. I made it even simpler by eschewing the zipper up the front and fastening it with snaps instead. Less sewing = less time, although I did smack my hand with a mallet while setting the snaps. Now I have a massive bruise with a weird blood blister in the middle of it. When I did it I was reminded of a scene in the second book in one of my fave dystopic future YA series, where one character plans to use a programable and very precise machine press to smash a tracking bracelet off his wrist (put there by the totalitarian government of course) and his friend warns him that if he miscalculates, the force of the press won’t just crush his hand, it’ll send a shockwave up his arm that will liquefact his bones. My actual first thought after hitting my hand was OH NO I’VE LIQUEFACTED MY BONES. Seriously, it really hurt.

Anyway, here is my favourite wolf-themed song for you to listen to this morning.

9 Replies to “October 29th”

  1. Fabulous wolf!

    Newsflash: little kids’ overalls ALWAYS have to have the straps sewed up. Always. They obviously know this rule well in advance and it probably amazes them just how long it takes for parents to catch on.

  2. Also, when cutting fur fabric, use an exacto knife on the back. Works way better than scissors. Sorry I didn’t say before, but until I read your post about your faceful of fibres, I had forgotten.

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