November 1st

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Halloween was such a huge success! I was worried it would rain and that Gwen would hate trick-or-treating, but really it went off without a hitch. I mean, it did rain earlier in the day, including the hour I spent outside putting up decorations (of course), but it stopped before 3 so it was fine for trick-or-treating. As for Gwen, she got right into the Halloween spirit. Normally she’s so shy she won’t even take a toy from her grandmother but she did great, stomping up all the neighbor’s stairs in her boots and her wolf suit and filling her little bag with candy. She was so cute! We took her out pretty early and left Sym in charge of handing out candy, then once we got back I stayed outside and took candy duty.

The only thing that was a little disappointing was I feel like a lot of kids skipped my place? Like I know it’s at the back of the house and kind of hard to find but I had so many decorations up, I would have thought it was pretty obvious. After a while I moved up from my landing onto the path in the backyard, and then I moved further up the path closer to my neighbor who was also giving out candy. I think part of the problem was a lot of my other neighbors put up decorations and then didn’t give out candy (why? WHY.) and some of the neighbors who did give out candy ran out early and so people thought there was no one else. next year I think I’ll set up shop at the front of the house instead, or maybe make some spoOoOoOoky signs directing people to the backyard?

Other than Halloween, here’s what was going on this past week. It was totally a crazy rollercoaster, so many great things happened and also some lame things. Here’s a +/- of the week:

– smashed my hand with a mallet while making Gwen’s Halloween costume
+ her costume turned out great and she loves it
+ I tweeted it wolfpupy on twitter, who proclaimed it “very cool”
+ an honest-to-goodness real famous actress bought a banner from my shop
+ I semi-unexpectedly got a cheque for a pretty alright amount of money that I can spend on whatever I waaaaaaant
– got the orthodontist’s verdict re: Sym’s teeth and it’s NOT GREAT, BOB:

Remember when I said they were trying to decide whether braces or implants would be the better course of action? Turns out the answer is BOTH. Braces AND implants. The extra space in her mouth left by her missing teeth (which are on the bottom, not the top as I previously thought) has caused her teeth to shuffle around on their own and have a lil tooth party, so she needs braces to shift them back to where they should be and open up the gaps properly so that she can get implants once she stops growing. She’s getting the braces in about a month, they’ll take about a year and a half to reposition her teeth, and then she has to wear a retainer until she stops growing and can get the implants when she’s like 18 or 19.

After the appointment where she learned all this fun stuff she was feeling pretty upset so I let her skip the rest of the day of school (it was already almost lunchtime anyway) so she could chill out at home and watch the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special. I think she is worried about getting braces and also feels guilty about the money. Her dad has actually said that he’ll pay for them himself since I cut him a huge break two years ago by saying he didn’t have to pay child support anymore, but what I want to know is WHY DON’T EITHER OF THE DENTAL PLANS SHE’S COVERED UNDER COVER ORTHODONTICS???? Total BS.

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  1. Never had dental plan that would cover braces either. Both kids needed them. Could have bought a car. On a lighter note Gwen looked sweet in her costume.

  2. I sympathize on the orthodontic front definitely! Sounds exactly like me. I am missing 8 adult teeth (they basically just fucked right off when it came time to grow, I guess, and went to Hawaii or something). I still have a baby tooth at thirty (which is showing no signs of falling out, but the dentist assures me that someday it pretty much has to because they have teeny tiny roots and it will degrade someday). I had braces, with the intent of closing a gap and then getting a micro-implant later. But post-braces we removed the bar that was behind my teeth and they moved back a little bit before I could get an implant so NO DICE I have a crappy bridge instead. Teeth suck. On the other hand, to look at me, my teeth look completely fine, so it ends up being worth it.

    It sucks my friend! In other questions, where did you get that awesome sweatshirty-material jacket? It is fantastic!

    1. I got the jacket from American Eagle a few years ago! I don’t wear it often because the zippers are really scratchy.

  3. Oh my god GWEN’S COSTUME IS SO FUCKING AMAZING!!! I am so happy you didn’t stop with just the hat!!!

    And as for braces – fuck it’s some massive conspiracy between the governments and the orthodontists to exploit parents (and torture their kids), I swear to god. I had them and they were brutally expensive and I still feel guilty about it to this day – I’ve never heard of anyone having them covered by their insurance. Ugh.

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