November 4th

November 1st was the most BEAUTIFUL GODDAMN DAY, which I unfortunately couldn’t fully appreciate because I was suffering from the aftereffects of Halloween.
Tippy toes.
This pie turned out weird; all my pies turn out weird.
A cozy afternoon spent on the couch with Ms Fuzzypaws.
I picked out the shirt, she chose the jeans and bejewelled legwarmers.

Yesterday I had a lot of work to do so of course I decided it was the perfect time to rearrange furniture and clean out Gwen’s closet. I moved her dresser out into the room proper; when we were planning her room we decided to put it in the closet because the room is so small and the crib + changing table + chair took up all the available space. I moved the chair out a long time ago since we never actually used it in her room (I had imagined late night feedings would take place in there but that wasn’t the case) and so there was a lot more space. I need to keep some clear so I can put out the folding crib I use for her lil friend’s naps, but I also need somewhere to put it when it’s not in use because it blocks the closet door.

ANYWAY. I’d been loathe to move the dresser out of the closet because I kept having flashbacks to when Sym was around Gwen’s age and she would empty her entire dresser AND wardrobe every. single. day. Just dump all the clothes out and also get changed fifty million times? So everything would be strewn about and half inside out and I never knew what was dirty and what was clean. It was incredibly frustrating and I didn’t want to relive it but I figured it was time to move the dresser. So far it hasn’t been that bad; Gwen’s been pulling clothes out but hasn’t emptied any drawers yet. Her favourite things to grab seem to be socks, hats and mitts, pajamas, sweaters and jeans. Like she’ll take out all five sweaters that are in her drawer right now and leave all the dozens of t-shirts and tank tops alone (THANK GOD). She does enjoy un-pairing her socks though, which isn’t that great.

I still need to do a little ~decorating~ in there to make it look nicer- although idk what the point of doing that will be as Gwen will just dismantle anything I put up. She and her little friend actually tore two of her bookshelves out of the wall a few weeks ago so I need to repair the holes and replace the shelves with something a little more toddler-proof. I took down the tree bookcase I used to have in the living room because all the daycare books were torn to shreds and took at apart but I still have part of it so I might put that in her room and move her old shelves to my office I guess? I’ll figure out something to do with them.

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  1. WHAT a shame that the Most Perfect Day wasn’t today, for Sym! Tell her Happy Birthday for me. See you all Saturday. XXX

    1. Thanks! I think the pie looked better than it tasted but it was definitely edible. I just need to stop using recipes from epicurious, they always turn out weird.

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