December 19th

Happy last day of work before I’m on holiday for one or possibly two weeks! I only booked off one week but the following week I might not have to work either. FINGERS CROSSED.

Yesterday I got myself a new phone, and I felt (and still kind of feel) weird and guilty about it? Usually I use my phones until they disintegrate in my hands (literally or figuratively, like a phone that stops functioning as a phone while maintaining it’s structural integrity isn’t much more use that one that falls apart), and my old phone was technically still working. Sure, the screen was cracked, the body was all bashed and dented, the camera was defective and half the time it refused to acknowledge the SIM card so I couldn’t make calls or send texts, but TECHNICALLY…

Sym’s account was eligible for an upgrade, but her phone is still working fine (It’s actually not even that old, she dropped her original one in the toilet and her dad got her a new one from the Apple Store) and ANYWAY I pay the bill so I get upgrade dibs. This time I’m going to take better care of my phone, so I put a screen protector on it for once and ordered a sweet case from Casetify, designed by my amazing friend Brittany Holloway-Brown for Hello Giggles! You can see all her designs as well as some by my other amazing friend Sara M Lyons here.

Putting the screen protector on was a total comedy of errors; I should have asked the guy at the cell phone kiosk to do it since finding somewhere in my apartment free of glitter and pet hair is LITERALLY impossible. I cleaned my kitchen island so carefully before I started and still ended up with two bits of glitter stuck under the screen protector, which is intensely annoying. Glitter stuck on everything, always. Truly, this is the story of my life.

Ok enough about phones. In much more exciting news I FINALLY have an appointment for Gwen’s speech assessment! It’s not until January 8th, five months after I first took her to the doctor about this, which is pretty ridic. Apparently once she’s assessed if they decide she needs therapy it’ll be another few months for that, which is even more ridic. But still! An appointment! Scheduled! Progress!

And in the most exciting news of all, she’s making some progress with speech on her own. She still mostly just makes sounds but they are sort of starting to be more similar to the words she’s trying to say, like “buh” for book, boot, button, binkie, etc. She says a lot of things starting with b I guess. She’ll also answer “yuh” or “yup” for yes if you ask her a question, and yesterday afternoon she used a real, actual noun to tell me something! Ok, the word was “poo” but like… I’ll take it! She actually patted the front of her diaper and said “poo-poo” to tell me she needed to be changed and this is just like a MASSIVE milestone for us. So sorry if this is tmi, but my toddler finally talked to me!

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