December 22nd

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Sym is spending Christmas with her dad & his family this year so we celebrated Mini Christmas with her on Friday night. It was simple: Japanese food, matching Christmas pajamas for the girls (here & here) and watching the Pretty Little Liars ChristmAs special. In previous years we’ve opened more gifts on Mini Christmas but this year we’re sending all Sym’s presents to her grandma’s house and opening our presents here with Gwen on Christmas morning.

I have one gift I’m making that isn’t finished yet (it’s so close though, I will definitely finish it tonight), a couple banners I need to make & ship either today or tomorrow, and we have to plan out our Christmas food & alcohol shopping since I don’t want to be running to the store for anything last minute, but other than that there’s nothing left to do but eat, drink & be merry.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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  1. Lovely photo and what a great gift hearing Gwen speak. I like where she is starting! There are lots of very high flying young people in my extended family who were late speakers, some very late. All pretty chopsy now.

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