January 9th

Puddle jumpin’.
It’s spring now igss.

Yesterday Gwen had her speech assessment, FINALLY. Of course she’s also finally started talking more (she says “poo,” remember?) so after all the waiting the verdict was yes, she is a delayed talker but everything else is fine. She’s making some progress with her speech so for now we should just keep on doing what we’re doing and in a few months they’ll call us to re-assess and see if she needs actual therapy.

Today we all played hooky from work & school to go up to Cypress to go snow tubing. Sym went with her class last year and said it was SO FUN and we should all go, but I figured it’d be better to go on a weekday when it was less busy. Gwen is too little for tubing so Taylor and I took turns tubing with Sym while one of us stayed in the sliding area with Gwen. She had little toddler fun in the snow and only fell out of her baby sled onto her face one time so I’d call the trip a success. Even more so because for once there was no whining or drama from certain teenaged members of the family.
A raven flying over the tube runs. I actually saw this guy chillin down on the ground, I’d never seen a raven irl before so it was pretty cool.
Sym spinning down in her tube.
Maybe you’ll be tall enough next year.
The sun came out just as we finished tubing.
Gwen’s snowsuit, mitts (unfortunately sold out, they are the Toddler Cold Buster mittens and actually stayed on so I HIGHLY recommended them) and boots are all from L.L. Bean. I got the suit a size big AND it has ~grow cuffs~ so I’m hopping it’ll fit her next winter too, but that’s probably wishful thinking.
My annual single wearing of my Sorels, lol.
We stopped at a scenic overlook on the way down and DANG WAS IT SCENIC. Vancouver is so pretty.

Taylor loves going on these little excursions, he grew up skiing and snowboarding but hasn’t been even once in the entire time I’ve known him. He said he felt so comfortable up on the mountain today and I think he should go more often! He actually has every Friday off until mid-May (he had a surplus of unused vacation days again) so he could go up one of the local hills every week. tbh I wouldn’t mind living up on the side of one of the mountains closer to the ski areas (not Cypress because it’s in a provincial park, but Grouse maybe). We could have the cozy mountain cabin vibe but only be 20 minutes from downtown! We’d be living the dream!

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