February 2nd

Happy February! Although January was a good month for me it really seemed to drag so I’m happy to bid it farewell.

After all the attention my shop got last week, this week is gonna be really busy for me. I Actually only have two orders that need to ship this week but there are a ton after that and I’d like to get ahead. My goal is to make eight banners, which is super doable. I could probably make even more but I’m also trying to finish my very last sample pair of boots. I did a ton of work on them yesterday and am more than halfway done, which is pretty great.

Also this weekend some friends were in town from Portland, so on Saturday Taylor and I met them for brunch at Lucy’s Diner on Main Street. Since we were out there we also did a little window shopping (and shopping shopping, I bought Gwen a set of Calico Critters babies that she loves) before taking the train out to Oakridge so Taylor could visit the Lego store. He’s just really into Legos. He got himself a couple sets and some Duplo for Gwen, and I got her a gold-dotted sweatshirt from the Gap on clearance. It’s so cute I kind of want to paint little gold dots on one of my sweatshirts (I mean lbr, how many plain grey sweatshirts do I needs?).

She refused to wear a coat.
He brought this empty duffle bag so he could fill it with Legos.
A dilapidated fortress on King Edward.
Little critters.
Little love.

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