February 5th

When Gwen wants to give you a hug she will run up to you with arms outstretched, saying “guh! guh!” (it’s “hug” spelled backwards). She’ll wrap her arms around you and rub her hand on your back, and it’s the sweetest hug ever.

She gives all her toys kisses and wants you to give them kisses too. She also gives kisses to pictures in her books. When we’re reading together she taps her mouth and then the page to ask me to bring it closer so she can give her favourite characters (like the fox in The Gruffalo, the fox in Green Eggs and Ham, the fox in Fox in Socks- SENSING A THEME HERE?)a smooch.

One day last week I pulled my pant legs up and put my feet into the tub when she was having a bath. At the time she was horrified, but now she wants me to do it every day. After dinner she’ll come over to me in the kitchen or the office or the living room and start trying to pull my pant cuffs, and if I don’t get moving right away she’ll prod and poke and push me into the bathroom and pat the edge of the tub where she wants me to sit.


Even though I’ve been really busy this week I decided it was the perfect time to get crackin’ on some home improvement projects I’ve been slacking on. Of course I decided that, it’s a totally typical Tanie move. First was replacing the doors on our dvd shelf in the living room. By shelf, btw, I mean 4 Ikea Benno shelves. The shelves are black-brown, but the doors were birch ones I pillaged from our old bookcase, and the mismatch drove me bonkers. Sym’s dad picked up new, black-brown doors a few weeks ago and I thought it’d be a quick & easy switch. I wouldn’t even have to take out the hinges, just unscrew the old doors, pop the new ones on. I was like it’ll be easy peasy lemon squeezy!
In the fifty billion years since I bought the old doors Ikea changed how they make them, and the hinges are attached in a different place, so I had to take out the old hinges after all. Plus, the new hinge placement relies on the shelves having special pre-drilled holes for them, which my old shelves don’t have. I had to make my own holes, but because the shelves are so narrow I couldn’t use my drill, I had to sort of gouge them with an awl. I couldn’t even fit my ratcheting screwdriver in there, and had to use this awkward tiny one instead. And did I mention I had to crouch down in a teeny-tiny space between the shelf, the new door, the wall and the end of the couch to do all of this???? Suffice it to say, I only got one door done.

After that I wanted a simpler project to tackle, so next I started painting this shelf-with-clothes rail I’m making for Gwen’s room. It would probably (definitely) been easier to paint the pieces separately and then assemble them but WHY WOULD I EVER DO ANYTHING THE EASY WAY? So there were all sorts of awkward little crannies and nooks to wedge the brush into but I managed to get it done. Once the paint is cured I’m going to hang it over her dresser and her cute lil dresses will be more easily accessible and hopefully get worn more often! Plus with no clothes in it her closet can be used purely for storage instead of the current half clothes, half boxes of books & Taylor’s extra coats like it is now.

I also have big plans for replacing her dresser (it was handed down from Sym’s room and is falling apart so badly) and a new bigger dresser & bookcase combo for Sym’s room as well, but I have to wait for the money to transfer out of my Paypal account. It’s good though; it’ll give me time to patch all the holes in the walls and touch of the paint! Because that’s what I need… more projects.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 11.39.31 AM
SPEAKING OF PROJECTS…. LITTLE MOUNTAIN BABY BOOTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! Yes that’s right, I got all my samples made, photographed, photos edited & uploaded, listings written and published just like I wanted to, by my birthday. I’m feeling pretty good about it and if you’d like to help me feel even better please click on over to check them out.
To celebrate the launch (and my birthday) I’m giving away a pair of floral leather boots on my instagram! I literally only have enough leather to make one more pair so these are an exclusive, extremely limited edition (Gwen has the other pair). Visit my instagram to enter!

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