February 9th



spontaneous huggies





raindrops on noses and whiskers on Kichous

Is there anything better than a lazy long weekend? I so did not accomplish all the things I meant to accomplish (I still haven’t put up the second door on the dvd cabinet, whoops) but I did accomplish a lot of shopping (double whoops). I picked up some spring clothes for Gwen, some more Valentine’s Day gifts, a little glass dome with a marble base (I was hoping to put my crystal unicorn in it but the horn is too long- I think when I had it repaired they replaced the horn instead of reattaching the old one, it seems longer. I think I’m going to keep a skull in it instead bc why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). As it turns out, the money I’d transferred from Paypal was already in my bank account so this morning we took a spontaneous trip to Ikea to buy the new dressers & bookcases for the girls, as well as a second set of Gwen’s bed linens. I went slightly off-list, buying a new throw pillow for the couch and a bunch of 1,000-lumen LED lightbulbs, but I still came in under budget (for the second Ikea trip in a row, this must be some sort of record).

This weekend I also spent more time than I’d care to admit redoing the layout for this blog- surprise surprise, it’s plain as hell and grey, BUT it’s also optimized for your mobile devices! The future!
The thing that took the longest was making and resizing and remaking-in-the-opposite-colour and re-resizing all the little buttons for the sidebar. I thought I had is all finished with white text on grey buttons but it looked terrible on my phone so I had to redo the whole thing. It’s annoying that you can’t save your layout as a draft, because I had mine open for so long that it crashed or went weird or idk what happened and I had to start all over again. NOT COOL. Anyway it’s done now and I’M NEVER CHANGING IT AGAIN.

PS There are still two days left to enter my floral boot giveaway on instagram! And while you’re at it, check out my friend Caroline’s art giveaway as well.

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