February 6th

Gwen chose her own outfit of mountain-print footie pajamas, grey fox sweater, cat ear bowler hat and Ivy green leather boots from Little Mountain.

Today was my first sort-of-off Friday. Starting this month on Fridays I only work 7:30-9am and 3-4:20pm, leaving a big wide open six hours in the middle of the day to do whatever. It’s kind of great, especially since Taylor also has Fridays off right now. We have big plans to do interesting things on these Fridays, like go to the art gallery and the aquarium, and once the weather gets nicer we can walk around the Seawall. Today was kind of off-and-on rainy & gross so we stuck a little closer to civilization. First we had coffee & a bite to eat the the Greenhorn Cafe, and then made our way down to Taylor’s office in Gastown so he could drop off a phone to a coworker. On the way back we did a lil shopping, including buying a Valentine’s Day gift for Sym, some Legos for Taylor and Gwen’s 2015 Christmas pajamas (THEY WERE ON CLEARANCE OK I’M JUST BEING PRACTICAL). I was supposed to go get my nails filled too buuuuuut instead I just watched this week’s Nashville and worked on banners in the afternoon. I have so many open orders right now!

My plans for this weekend include making some teeny-tiny baby boots, taking a trip to the Swarovski store to pick up my crystal unicorn that was being repaired (yes, I have a crystal unicorn), and finishing replacing the doors on the dvd cabinet. Oh and tonight I’m going to drink a whole bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate my birthday (which was yesterday). Originally we’d planned on doing my whole birthday celebration tonight since Sym usually spends Thursday nights at her dad’s, but she is having a hotel sleepover with her ex-stepmom tonight so instead Sym stayed with us and we did cake and presents last night, and tonight will be wine and I guess more cake? There is a lot, Taylor bought a giant dobos torte from the Transylvanian bakery.


PS don’t forget to enter the Little Mountain giveaway on instagram!

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