March 2nd


Sym’s new dresser-slassh-bookcase.



Download the full-size March calendar from my tumblr here.

I FINALLY did a lot of things this weekend. I FINALLY put the second new door on the dvd cabinet. I FINALLY finished making all the drawers for Sym’s new dresser. I FINALLY got the bulk of the sewing done on a couple pairs of boots I’ve been working on and I FINALLY started spring cleaning. Sort of. Like, I cleaned off my bulletin board and half of the living room windowsill. IT’S A START OKAY. Honestly though sometimes it feels like while I’m cleaning my whole family is trailing after me, throwing literally trash all over the apartment. It’s an uphill struggle getting this place clean, that’s for sure.

On Saturday I took Sym shopping to buy clothes for Spirit Week at school. She needed shoes for Formal Day, a black, white and green outfit for [School Name] Day and a red shirt for House Day. Pretty much the only day she didn’t need anything for is Pajama Day! Anyway we were able to find everything for pretty cheap and with only two small fights. The first fight was because I wouldn’t let her get some ill-fitting shorts that she inexplicably really liked (they were like… four sizes too big) and the second was because I made her get flat shoes for Formal Day. I would have gotten her heels or wedges but the only pair we found that went with the dress (which she already has) were $700. NOPE.

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