March 3rd


Last weekend Taylor & I took advantage of our Friday off (well, he has it off, I work a split shift totally three hours) and took Gwen to Science World. We hadn’t been since Sym was 5 or 6 and Gwen had never been. It was a little busy- there were quite a few school groups there (including a crowd of marauding pre-teen boys that I kicked out of the little kid area, sorry not sorry but “ages 6 and under” means SIX AND UNDER) but we still had a good time. Gwen had a blast for sure. The feature exhibit was about animation and she had a ton of fun pushing all the buttons on every display.


Checking out some implants, haha.





Doing a little stop motion animation with dad.




The infinite abyss, Gwen wasn’t impressed.

We stayed for a few hours and then I had the BRILLIANT idea of walking home. It’s not technically that far but we’d already been walking around Science world for so long I think it was too much. My legs were basically toast afterwards. I’ve been trying to do a lot more walking but next time I’ll just take the train home like a normal person.


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  1. So funny to see the Animation exhibit! The museum I work for had it just before yours–it just left in January, so it all looks verrrry familiar to me. My museum actually built it, but that was years before I worked there. Is your museum more of a kids’ museum, or all ages?

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