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Some things I’m loving this week…

Kawaii Box
I haven’t ever been in to subscription boxes, either they are just stuffed with things I’m not at all interested in or too much money, but a bunch of cute stuff from Korea & Japan? That I can get on board with. I also like that I can share this with Sym, as cute stuff is also right up her alley.

Pee-wee Herman Print
Gwen’s probably needs this for her room.

Jenny Holzer… for the Dallas Cowboys?
A bunch of my friends were posting about this yesterday and how totally weird this is. IT IS. TOTALLY WEIRD.

Dicks by Mail
The new send-your-enemies-glitter is send-your-enemies… dicks?

Ori and the Blind Forest

Taylor was playing this game last weekend and we are all obsessed (although I have the uncanny skill of sitting down on the couch right when something SO SAD happens in it, what is my life).

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