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picture by Taylor




some more suede & leather patches I’ve made recently: the bunnies & mushroom are available in the shop and the little deer will be listed this afternoon.



picture by Taylor


Saturday was my & Taylor’s 6th wedding anniversary. Pretty cool, I think. To celebrate we went for dinner at The Roof at the Hotel Vancouver. We actually had an amazing time, there was a jazzy duo playing lounge-y songs and these really really old oldsters were dancing, which was just great. Idk, it was so sweet and funny. We joked to each other that we should request some Lionel Richie and then right before we left the one musician was like “We are still taken requests” like why didn’t you say that two hours ago! We drank a bottle of wine and ate a ton of good food (like, the portions were almost TOO BIG, if you would like a huge slab of meat for dinner then this is the restaurant for you) and as I’d told them it was our anniversary when I confirmed the reservation they brought us a tray of tiny little desserts to share. You all know I LOVE TINY FOOD so I could not have been more pleased.

After we came home we exchanged gifts; we like to try and tie our anniversary gifts to the “traditional” gift list (like last year I embroidered Taylor five wood-themed patches), and the 6th anniversary is iron. You’d think it would be hard but we both knocked it out of the park: I got Taylor a discontinued Lego set of IRON Man and he got me a waffle IRON that makes heart-shaped waffles. GET IT??? IRON MAN. WAFFLE IRON. (IRON) NAILED IT.


I’ll keep him around a lil while longer I think.

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  1. Didn’t realize it was your anniversary! Happy belated!!! Six years has gone by so fast. Taylor takes amazing pics. I love them. A calendar of them would be lovely.

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