Gwen loves bunnies*. When she was little(r, she’s still little) the first book she liked us to read to her was I am a Bunny, and read it we did, dozens of times a day, over and over. She has lots of stuffed bunnies and they are all her favourite: Sleepy Bunny, Grumpy Bunny, Momo Bunny, Big Bunny, Purple Bunny. They all get plenty of hugs and kisses. She points out all the bunnies in all her books, she points out the bunnies on our shower curtain.

Every little girl has these bunny-print pajamas from the Gap for Easter this year. They are cute but I had no intention of buying them (I think the Gap’s pajamas are overpriced and only get them on sale OR in a moment of madness) but I stopped in there a few weekends ago when they were having a 40% off sale. The only had two pairs of these jammies left: a tiny baby pair, and a size 3 (which is Gwen’s size). OBVIOUSLY IT WAS MEANT TO BE.

A few years ago Sym dressed up as a “vampire magician” for Hallowe’en. She had a ruffled blouse, a flouncy black & red crinoline skirt, a cloak and a top hat, as well as some gothic looking jewelry and a magic wand. To complete her look I made a rabbit for her to pull out of her hat, but not just any rabbit: I made a Bunnicula. It’s just a felt flattie, black and white with a widow’s peak, big red eyes and embroidered fangs. Since then the Bunnicula has been up on my bulletin board, until earlier this week when Gwen’ noticed it. SHE HAD TO HAVE THAT BUNNY(cula). She cried until I got it down for her and she’s been carrying it around and cuddling it ever since. She loves bunnies, I tell you. ALL bunnies.

*Gwen also loves: foxes, squirrels, bees, frogs, bugs, birds, mice, goats, cats, dogs, butterflies and owls.

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