adding insult to injury


FINALLY finished the second of this pair of boots on the weekend. they are up in the shop here.



She climbed up but refused to go down the slide at the far end, instead she tried to “slide” down this ladder. Like she just sat at the top and pushed off, I barely caught her.





My hair: SUPER grey. Her hair: finally out of her eyes after getting a long-overdue bang trim.



A view of Mole Hill, before tacky condo developers RUIN IT with their greed and poor judgement.


What’s up, crow?

So in addition to everything I posted about yesterday, pretty much all of last week/the weekend was such total crap. Like every day I woke up determined to not have the worst day ever and pretty much every day something bad happened.

Georgie had another abscessed anal gland, which formed and ruptured in like… 24 hours. Like Monday night she was fine, and then Tuesday afternoon she had this huge oozy wound. It was so gross and obviously no fun for her either, and cost $225 in vets bills (for those keeping track we’ve now spent over $500 on my poor dog’s butt). It was pouring with rain on Wednesday morning when I took her to the vet, and because we went right after I took one of the daycare kids to school, we were both soaking wet and cold for hours and hours (which prob helped me to get sick, see below).

I had been saving up all my paypal money to buy myself that long dress I posted last week, but on Tuesday night I discovered there was a weird problem with my paypal account. Some things I pre-ordered in December, which I’ve since paid for and already received, had a pre-authorization go through for them again. I didn’t want to spend the money on the dress until the problem was resolved. I discovered it on Tuesday night and it was fixed by Thursday, but in that time the dress sold out in my size. Obviously this is such a petty problem but I’m just so annoyed, like I was trying to be responsible and not use my credit card and instead waited until I’d made enough on etsy and then this happened? SO LAME.

On Friday morning the kitchen ceiling was leaking again, this time from the side of the hole that was cut before. We still couldn’t tell where the water was coming from though, and by the time the handyman got here the water had stopped. So he just cut a second hole in the ceiling next to the first hole, because water had been pooling there before it dripped out, and left it so maybe the next time it happens we’ll be able to tell what pipe it’s coming from. So now we just have TWO great big holes in our kitchen ceiling and can hear everything that happens in BOTH our upstairs neighbors’ bathrooms. GREAT.

On Friday night I got sick with sinus congestion, a fever and a sore throat. I felt awful all weekend and although I’m kind of grateful that it happened when I didn’t have to work, on the other hand I would rather have not spent the entire weekend feeling like shit. I’m still feeling a little cruddy and run down but thankfully this is a short week so I should be able to get through it, and then SMELL YA LATER, MARCH.

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