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I realized the other day that my last three posts (THREE!) have all been super whiny & complainy. Ew, no one needs that. So this post has zero whining in it, except just a quick note that since my last post I’ve had terrible cramps AND I smashed my toenail into oblivion, it’s split right in half and bled everywhere. lol, who cursed me?

Sym’s dad told us there were some sailboats shipwrecked on Sunset Beach yesterday morning so after breakfast & coffee the lil ones and I headed down there to check it out. Gwen and her buddy had a lot of fun chucking rocks into the water, drawing in the sand with sticks, running around on the beach and basically just covering themselves with sand. It was mostly sunny but SUPER windy and cold! Once we’d all had enough of freezing our buns off I bundled them into the stroller with cozy blankets and walked around the Yaletown stretch of Seawall in the sun to warm up before heading back home (with one quick stop for cookies along the way).


she literally could not be cooler

all washed up










her lil friend was like “Chuck it in the ocean, Gwennie! Go for it!”

things found on PNW beaches




don’t let the knit cap, sweater, jacket, boots and wool socks fool you, it’s very tropical here





five seconds before the meltdown to end all meltdowns


After Gwen figured out she could open up the corner cupboard in the kitchen (where most of the food was stored) it was GAME OVER, MAN. We had to rearrange the kitchen and moved the food into the kitchen island which was more secure. Sort of. She can’t completely open it but she can get it open just enough to be able to sneak things out if we’ve stupidly left small items too close to the middle of the cupboard. Basically we’ve been spending a lot of time vacuuming up granola and rice off her bedroom floor and the food cupboard is now DOUBLE childlocked.

She’s started saying a few new words, including cheese and toast. She actually says the whole of these words, NOT just the first sound (chee, toh) so that’s pretty cool. She had a follow-up appointment with the speech pathologist scheduled for this morning but I decided last week to cancel it so a child with a more serious speech problem could get in sooner. They’re going to follow up with us again in the summer to see how she’s doing, hopefully she’ll have made even more progress by then.

She’s obsessed with playing “This Little Piggy.” She hated it when she was a baby but now she would happily sit for hours playing piggies over and over on alternating feet. When she has a bath she likes me to sit on the edge of the tub with my feet in the water and the other night she was pinching my toes and the ran her finger up to my knee, saying “eeeeeeeeeee;” she was playing piggies on my foot!

One day last week she got ahold of a plastic cup of water- I think I left it on the kitchen counter. She carried it around for a while before spilling a little on the floor, and after that, all bets were off and she just dumped it out, shrieking with laughter. Since then she will take any receptacle she can find (containers from the recycling bin, dirty dishes from the kitchen sink, clean dishes from the dishwasher) and fill them up in the bathroom sink before gleefully pouring them out. On the one hand I don’t necessarily want to mop up pools of water all the time, but on the other it’s kind of an easy-breezy way to clean the linoleum. She did drop a mug and break it yesterday but like… we have too many mugs anyway.

PS don’t forget to check out my printables page for this month’s calendar! I’m going to try to do them every month (and have already done May’s as well, oops).

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