march kawaii box

On the weekend I got the first Kawaii Box of my three-month subscription. I agreed to sharesies everything with Sym so I’ve split the contents of the box between what we each ended up with…

Sym’s picks:
– melon plush keychain, this was her fave
– pink hair pin shaped like a bow? ears? something? this is cute but pulls like crazy when you take it out
– pink nail clippers (weird)
– pin, idk how she scored this when I’m the pin enthusiast, I mean she doesn’t even wear her denim jacket (I KNOW, like how are we even related???)
– “Love” pen
– 2 packs of stickers, one sheet of fat lil animals and 3 sheets of floral designs on clear vinyl that can be used to decorate phones, cups, etc

My picks:
– adorable spring-themed sticky notes, shaped like lambs, flowers & chickies
– a roll of sticker tape, I like the idea of this but the design not my fave
– heart-print envelopes
– Hi-Chews! I love Hi-CHews and I especially love green apple Hi-Chews, but I can get this at the store by my house so I would have rather gotten a flavour not available in Canada, like cola or something
– pink quilted vinyl cardholder with a black diamond charm, I think this is kind of tacky but I like the charm so I might take it off and use it on it’s own

I’m not completely sold on this box, I’m hoping the next two have some better things, but Sym LOVED it (why wouldn’t she, she got the best stuff!) so I will probably continue my subscription regardless.

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