One thing about the nicer weather recently (it is full, glorious spring) is that I am always out, always doing stuff, and always have my camera. The result is I have no time to write posts and too many pictures to share. I have stuff from earlier this week and even stuff from last week, but I’m going to skip over it all and post today’s pictures.

Yesterday I had no clean bowls for Gwen’s breakfast so I used her Green Toys play dishes (they’re foodsafe!) and now she wants to use them for every breakfast. She set the table herself today. Fun story about these dishes: I ordered them along with a tea set with same-day delivery from amazon, but the tea set ended up not being available. They refunded my same day shipping, but still delivered the dishes so I got same day delivery on them for free.




Oil on the surface of the water.






I read online this morning that there was an oil spill in English Bay last night and so of course this morning I had to go see if the beach was okay. Usually I take the kids to Sunset Beach, where there are lots of rocks and sticks for them to “chuck it in the ocean!” but today we went to English Bay Beach. Up on the sand you’d never know there’d been a spill, but up close you can see the oily sheen on the water. Gross! It’s a “minor” spill so hopefully the damage won’t be too bad/the cleanup won’t take too long.

On English Bay Beach there are only things to chuck in the ocean at the waterline, and I didn’t want Gwen or her lil friend handling anything too close to the water so we just ran around in the sand. Gwen took of her jacket and boots and socks and couldn’t have been happier. She also tried to take off her shirt but I have to draw the line somewhere, I mean it’s spring, not summer!

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