may kawaii box

This is actually the last Kawaii box of our three-month subscription. I wanted to try it out for a short time before I committed to a longer subscription, and honestly I thought the first two boxes were just okay and prob wouldn’t have continued, but this box was the best yet! Unfortunately I’m too broke to re-subscribe rn so we probably won’t be getting more boxes until much later in the summer, or maybe even the fall.

This box very helpfully included a list of the contents, which is good for some of the more inscrutable items.

Sym’s picks:
chocolate bar comb; this was probably the lamest item in the box
alpaca stickers; this month was very alpaca-heavy
Harajuku crepe charm
panda colour pen
banana mini plush; SO CUTE
doughnut squishy charm; while she wishes this was scented (I got a squishy charm last month that is scented) she still likes it

My Picks:
Okitoki notebook set
Meiji petit gum; I got this by default because Sym can’t have gum with her braces
Rilakkuma mini letter set; idk what I’m gonna do with this microscopic stationery
neon bow hair band; also a default item as Sym rarely wears her hair in a ponytail
alpaca eraser
alpaca card holder; so much cuter than the last cardholder we got

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