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my dumb face & cool hair welcome you to this post

These image recognition neural network-created images are FREAKING ME OUT.

Some cool truths about Channing Tatum.

This article on the pop-punk accent is FASCINATING to me, especially the part about the Canadian Shift as compared to the California shift. Usually when I meet friends from the US for the first time they expect me to have a Canadian accent but then they tell me I sound like I’m from Southern California. Apparently the only thing I say Canadian-ly is “sorry,” but sore-y I’m not sore-y about it.

I reallyyyyyyyy want to get an ice shaving machine like this or maybe this one (which costs less but takes way longer to ship). Just imagine the cool sno-cones I could make with my amazing flavoured syrup making skills!

Love these hand-carved wolf and raccoon (with jackets!) stamps from one of my fave etsy shops, Woodland Tale.

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  1. Your skin is glowing, you look really beautiful here, your hair is so pretty around your face.
    I’ve noticed growing my hair out my skin looks great and my hair falls better around my face. You are right, it is very cool indeed. I kind of don’t get anymore why everyone who can doesn’t go silver.
    Ha, this comment reads a bit creepy in the beginning but I am so in love with grey hair right now and there are so few of us about.

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