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Gwen Drawing
Gwen’s amazing hair beckons you into this links post…

Perfectly Timed Photos That Make Dogs Look Like Giants Silly but good.

When You Give a Tree an Email Address. This is so good.

Hacoa Wooden USB Hub House. I’m getting rid of all the yellow accents in my office, most can be painted over but one thing I need to replace is a my usb hub. This little wooden house hub is so cute but ugh so expensive. Really, how hard would it be to make my own? (Don’t answer that.)

Catfe! Vancouver is getting a cat cafe and it’s gonna be close enough for me to walk to.

I made a cute lil printable (just 6×6″) based on my fave Gillian Anderson quote.
Download the full size here!

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  1. Catfe! Brilliant! One just opened in Amsterdam but it’s kind of awk, I think they don’t fully get the concept of “atmosphere”. I bet the one in Vancouver will be awesome though. Can’t wait for your review 😀 😀

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